Change Is Inevitable—Part II

Release from Resistance to Change

I work with all sorts of different problems as a Life & Health Coach and Clinical Hypnotist. With this one specific man, we were dealing with relationship issues. He was having trouble committing.

One balmy week in summer my client told me that his mother was in town for a visit. I gently suggested that she come in with him for his next session. He didn’t think it was a problem, so we invited her.

This particular man had trouble with monogamy. So, he invites his mother into the conversation by asking her in his NY Italian accent, “Ma, did you think that you could be monogamous to Dad when you married to him?

She appeared to be a little reserved, sitting right at the edge of the couch beside him. She fidgeted her hands. “Well— you— see— hmm… Ah, no.”
Honestly, I was pleasantly shocked by her forthright answer
The son goes on, “Well, Ma, when you married Harry, did you think you could be monogamous then?

She looked at me, then at him. “Mhhh, no!”

“How about Carl?” my client asks, now incredulous.

His mother moved so close to the front of the couch that I thought she was going to fall off. “Well, honey, maybe.”

Being the good Life Coach, I smiled at his mother without judgment, then quickly focused on my client: “So, tell me, Dick, how does that make you feel?”

Richard was just about to launch into a diatribe about finally understanding why he was never able to be faithful to any of his partners, then looked at his mother and said, “Ma, you don’t understanding the definition of monogamy. Do you?”

She said, after a very long pause and a puzzled face, “Ah, no.”
* * *
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