Change Is Inevitable

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’m like a picture, developing from the negative”? The truth of this statement in your life is the genesis of our journey together toward effective and necessary change.
I wish for everyone who is reading this blog to daily experience joy. But I don’t think joy can be experienced while a person is resistant to change. This is because change is always present and always knocking on our door, every moment, every second of every day.
“Not one moment in time exists without the next
moment in time forcing it to become history.”

Change, therefore is inevitable. It is an integral part of every human being’s life.

Sometimes when I receive a phone call from one of my crazy friends, and I know by the Caller ID who it is, I’ll answer the phone: “This is the Betty Ford Center for Inevitable Change! May I help you become less of what you want to be and more of what I want you to be?”
If you are one of my close friends, you would probably expect that I will lead with something pithy or smart ass. The truth, though, I truly feel like my life… our lives… are here on this earth for an evolution of sorts, which definitely involves change.

You can be one of those people who:
1. gets coerced into change by harsh life experiences,
2. one of those people who has drama all around pushing you to change,
3. one of those people who has a huge, catastrophic life experience that forces you to change, or
4. you can be open to change daily, and ultimately be happy about it.

Personally, I prefer the latter. I don’t like to fight. Never have. I’m certainly not about fighting an unproductive battle against reality. Which one of us can plan what truly happens today and know with certainty our plans will happen exactly as we intended?

I can think of many things that look negative on the surface, but hiding beneath the surface is something new and wonderful.
I remember one specific instance, an impending operation on my foot. It was a simple procedure, but there was pain involved to get to the place where I would be feeling better. I didn’t want the pain. In fact, after having had the surgery, had I known how much pain I would have been in, I may have opted not to have the optional surgery.

However, now that I am healed of the pain, I am thankful that I went through the misery of the operation to take care of my discomfort in my foot. I’m sure you can think of hundreds of things you have done in your life that on the surface, you may not do again, but as a result, you benefitted.

I believe that Change is an integral part of life. As we are spiritual beings caught in the human experience of change, let us rejoice when the seasons beckon us to mirror that which is the only permanence on earth—Change.

* * *
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