Change, the Key to Happiness!

This is a painting I completed today. I didn’t paint two months ago. Tree years ago, I was a life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and vocal coach in Nashville for 28 years. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of me selling my home in Nashville after 28 years there and moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I wouldn’t have even remembered it was the exact day had Facebook not reminded me this morning. This news started out my day with an introspection I didn’t expect.

At this present moment, my life is better than it has ever been. Three years ago, I was making the most difficult decision of my life—to leave my well established business, my dearest friends, my beloved home with five amazing gardens, my church home, and all the things that made sense to me. For what? I had absolutely no idea.

In fact, the decision to leave came suddenly. I was trying to get my mother to move to Florida to live with her three daughters, because I had felt as if I had fulfilled my duty taking care of her for many years. My sisters were willing to take on the responsibility, but my mother didn’t want to leave me or Nashville.

I’m her baby boy who treated her like a queen, most of the time. But my patience with my own personal life was growing thin. I was getting older and still hadn’t found the relationship I had dreamed of at 52. The only obstacle standing in the way was living with my mother. Asking my mother to leave the home she had known for 12 years was a difficult and guilt-ridden decision to make.

My baby sister suggested that I move down to Florida to make the transition easier for my mother. I had just broken up with a man who told me in the shower on Valentine’s Day that he wasn’t sure I was the one. At that point in my life, I had to throw up my arms, open my heart, and decide that I must not be listening; otherwise, I would understand how to find someone who was sincere about commitment and monogamy.

I had given great advice to clients my entire career, but in my personal life, I seemed to always end up with something missing in my relationships. Not for a lack of trying, I discovered that maybe—just maybe—I needed a enormous change.

I sent my mother and dog to Florida to get settled, first, while I sold my home of 8 years. After 3-4 months on the market and much packing, the house sold for a little less than I had expected, but suddenly I was on a plane to a new home in a sunny state that I hadn’t even seen.

This kind of change, if made with Spirit, can create an entirely new life for anyone. For me, this was exactly what I needed:

  1. I began going to classes, taking time away from what I had known as normal, and simply listened to the small voice inside.
  2. My meditations became longer.
  3. My yoga practice took on a new level of importance in my life.
  4. I began to study Spanish about 3 hours a day.
  5. I volunteered at a New Thought church and began taking spiritual classes.
  6. Most importantly, though, I had decided that there were a few things on my bucket list I needed to accomplish before I gave up on those particular gifts completely.

Suddenly, I launched head first into a brand new life, near family, which was a first. I hadn’t ever experienced what life was like to be near the majority of my family, supporting me and facilitating the ability to take almost two years to discover myself anew at 55 years of age.

  1. What an amazing delight to find my husband along this newfound path.
  2. I’m married now.
  3. I’m pursuing an artistic career that is rife with change and trust every day.
  4. I live in a beautiful condo facing Florida’s largest lake.
  5. I have published 16 books and one yoga video.
  6. I paint.
  7. I volunteer teaching chair yoga at my condo.
  8. I play the piano at the club here in the condo village on Friday evenings.
  9. I have been in 13 commercials since I moved down here.
  10. I starred in one stage show.
  11. Was a music minister for a large church for almost 2 years; and most importantly,
  12. Still haven’t stopped learning and changing.

This is the key to life, my friends:

Never stop learning. Never stop changing. Meditate every day, asking to be the answer to the world’s problems, and don’t be afraid to ask for happiness and peace. Abundance is all around all of us. If you and I ask, Spirit will show us how to create a life that is always worth living. 

No one knows how long anything will last in life. But I’m absolutely sure I’m living my life one day at a time, with joy overflowing, peace as the undercurrent to a life that is completely led by Spirit.



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