Change Your Mind; Change Your World!

Editing your thoughts sounds like something only an editor of twenty years would come up with. But, trust me, even one of the apostles said to “take every thought into cavity.” By that, I believe the apostle Paul knew that your thoughts deeply effect what transpires in your daily life.

I come from a family of six children. My brother and I are as diverse as an apple is from an orange. We both were brought up by the same parents, shared the same room, and even went to some of the same schools. Yet, he turned to drugs and alcohol very early in life and was in jail the first time at eighteen. I often think, what made the difference in us?

I believe it was our thought process. I had a winning belief system because of an older married couple who lived next door. He had a gang of bad boys consistently goading him to do more and more detrimental behavior and a mean and angry father.

Mary and Emil Krovich took me in like I was a son. They couldn’t have children of their own, but they loved me like I was theirs. As I write this, tears fill my eyes just thinking about the amount of love that came from Mary, especially. She would wait by her side door, which was right across from our front door, until I came home. I’d see her peek out from the door, so none of the other children would see. Her small, chubby finger would curl up to indicate that she wanted me to come and visit. I’d throw down my book bag and run over to her house almost every day, especially after my mother left my father, eagerly waiting for some amazing treat she would have made me.

She was my salvation. She taught me to believe in myself. She helped me understand that what went on in my home was an anomaly, and that I was special, despite how I was treated. So, I kept up the school studies and made straight A’s, because I knew I wanted out from the line of pain that had befallen me.Mark, my brother, on the other hand, didn’t have any savior. He was an altar boy, and even God, he rejected, when the priests mistreated him.

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