Changing Old Messages

Changing the neurology of the brain has eluded psychiatrists, psychologist, and therapists alike. Everyone seems to know what gives us brain disorders and causes us to mentally malfunction. But no one has a real theory on how to change the neurological behavior. So, we are left like a cancer patient with no treatment options.

We recognize that most mental disorders result in addictive thinking. This is a great way to begin your search for the most effective way to change the result of your habitual thoughts. If we can’t change the neurology of the brain, then the next best action to take is changing or redirecting the energy of the problem.

We may not know or be able to describe a practical theory of healing mental disorders, but studies have shown that some of the worst cases of addictive thought have been miraculously changed by one thing—a spiritual influence. For proof, we don’t have to travel too far to see how the “#Twelve-Step programs” around the world have proven this fact over and over again, by millions of people taking the first major step toward effective change—Having a power greater than ourselves. You don’t have to accept anyone’s idea of that higher power. You just need a greater power than you.

My belief is that accepting a higher power actually gets you into your own Higher Conscious Brain Power. If you make a conscious choice to say to yourself: “God, please help me with this addiction!” then, you have changed your addictive thought in that moment (the neurological pathway). So, the power of change may not be in the spirituality itself, but in the law of Spiritual Action, which is: “What is in mind, will respond in kind!” “Ask and you shall receive.” “Seek and you shall find (answers).” If you let one of these affirmations replace your old belief, you have made a conscious choice to change, which is a great first step to regaining your power.

Some skeptics say that one is weak if he/she accepts any help from the elusive higher power to help them in the process of change. However weak or not, the ones who have chosen this course of action are 60% more successful at changing addictive thought. These high numbers are hard to argue with. So, in answer to our question about changing old behavior, we might start with discovering what keeps us from our higher power or—a different way of thinking about that—from choosing for yourself a different thought process?

I had a great talk with a psychologist yesterday who also is a reverend at my church and has worked with addiction for fifty years. He told me the first step to repairing a life that has been malfunctioning as a result of addiction is to, first, deal with the empty space created by stopping the addiction. Trust me, you won’t have to look too far to see where you can spend your newly liberated energy. Most people recovering from addiction can easily see that relationships and work-related finances have greatly suffered.

The first step to changing the behavior in your mind is creating a diversion from the problem. If you don’t have time to think about a cigarette, you won’t smoke one. I can’t tell you how many smokers I have treated with hypnosis, who can go the entire work day (8-10 hours) without a cigarette, then smoke an entire pack at night while having nothing to do. If you’re bouncing on a fitness ball while watching television, I guarantee you won’t have enough oxygen to smoke a cigarette. If you knit while you watch television, your hands won’t be available to eat junk food.

If you focus on writing and reading more, attending classes, going to Meet-up groups for various activities, you will inevitably spend much less time thinking about the lack of relationship in your life.

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