Chasing Hope

John Lennon wrote: “You may say that I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope someday that you’ll join us. And the world will live as one!” Hope is in the heart of the dreamer. But can hope change your world and circumstance?

Many people stop hoping because they don’t see the manifestation of their hope expressly tangible in their lives. So, they decide that hope is for the dreamers. They choose to live without it—depressed and often suicidal. The bible says in Proverbs 29:18: “Without hope, people will perish!”

I know someone in my life who just spent two months looking for a job. I watched as her hope turned to desperation. I asked if I could intercede and begin to pray positively with her. Within two weeks she got a call for work. Almost immediately she began to have hope again. However, after the job started, she realized that she wouldn’t be making enough money with the amount of hours she would work to make all of her bills. Her happiness turned to desperation again. However, this time, she is trying to fight the negative feelings.

When I lived in NYC. I was led to take a job that only paid nine dollars an hour. My work hours were five days a week, five hours a day. Anyone who has lived in New York knows that this is not the kind of job that can help manage anyone’s lifestyle in New York. However, I kept my chin up and believed there was a great reason for being at that job.

One of the perks of working of working at Nola Rehearsal Studios was free rehearsal space. So, I began to get vocal students and taught them at $35 an hour (this was 1985). My boss also owned a recording studio and offered my first vocal demo for free, which I used to pitch to record companies. Besides these great opportunities, producers, writers, and famous stars would come to my office and talk to me all of the time. Most of my greatest contacts came from when I was at that job. I also met many people who were down and out. In those times I was able to encourage many people as well.

Hope by itself cannot change anything. Hope is the seed itself. If you hold a seed in your hand, it will never grow. You have to plant it, water it, and know for certain that the Law of Nature will take over and grow that seed into a beautiful, fruitful tree. As with most trees, sometimes it takes a couple years to begin to produce fruit. But you see evidence of the growth daily. So, use your hope toward envisioning, believing, and KNOWING with certainty that the Law of Spirit will manifest what you believe.

I spent the majority of my life hoping that a literary agent, a publisher, or a manager would take one of my books and make me a famous author. I realized about three years ago that the only person who could make me a famous anything is I. So, I dug deep into my heart, asked for spiritual guidance, and listened to what I heard in my heart.

What my soul was led to do didn’t sound at all like the pathway to prosperity. I was told to release my existing publisher, release my agent, and begin writing from my heart a blog called Finding Authentic You. That was the only initial direction I got. So, I released my hope in the ephemeral and began with baby steps in the physical realm of creating my own destiny. I woke up every day and wrote, without fail. I built a website with this name. I opened the door for many people to read what I wrote. The result in a year was thousands of people reading my writing. And two years later, the numbers reached a million readers. So, I wrote a book by the same name.

Alas, I thought, this book is the book that will catapult me into my grand future. But, no agent, no publisher, no big break happened. So, I published the book myself on Amazon, hired a manager, and began to create my own destiny. Since that day, I have had more opportunities to speak, my books have been read by producers and movie directors in Hollywood, and I have sold hundreds of books I would have never sold had I not taken back my right of choosing my own future. I realized that even if I only sold a thousand books as my own publisher, I would be making more money than my book sitting in my computer doing nothing.

So, you may say that I’m a dreamer. But I’m not just a dreamer. I’m a person who believes that God gave us spiritual law that each of us can use to create anything we wish. God wants you to be abundant and follow the path of your heart to happiness. If you want true happiness and peace, you will let your hands and arms be the vessel through which spirit manifests on Earth. When you do this, there will never be lack in your life.

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