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When I think back to just a few years ago, I can hear myself giving advice to clients about developing friendships over the Internet. Of course, when I gave this advice, we did not have Skype and Facetime and video chats of all sorts. I noticed last night, when both of my conversations were video chats, (one with my Spanish teacher and one with my prayer partner), how close I felt to those people, even though one was in Scotland and the other in Colombia, South America. This miracle of video chat can help us connect now with our eyes, not in the physical, to see into the souls of those we speak with, pray with, and cherish.

What is important to remember, though, is that even though one might feel like he or she is getting closer to someone on the Internet, this closeness is not physical, nor tangible. On the Internet (as of today… who knows about tomorrow with technology), we only have two dimensions to use: Spirit and Mind, albeit, these are the two most important dimensions to build strong foundations and lasting friendships. I want to share two stories with completely different scenarios that might help you draw the distinction between the two and help you learn what to look for in Internet communication:

Scenario One: I met a man, a prospective date, on a dating site who sent me two very handsome pictures. We wrote a couple of letters to each other. This went well, so he asked if he could call me. I said yes. So, we began the second stage of development, getting to know one another. However, the phone calls were not enough to truly see if he were real. At this point, I truly did not know to whom I was talking, even though I could see pictures. He did not have video chat, so he asked if we could have a date.

When we met, initially, my first thought was, wow, you look very little like your pictures. Have you gained about 30 pounds? After a considerable amount of time knowing him on the phone, this did not deter me from going forward with the date.

We actually had a great time. However, he lived three hours away, so between our seeing each other once a week and talking over the phone, I rarely got to see “who” he was until we talked face to face. This relationship went awry because of deception on his part… much deception. A person who lives far away and who is NOT communicating with video chat, has many opportunities to hide things. You cannot see where he is, with whom he’s with and, most importantly, can see into his/her eyes. These ingredients of trust are important, especially when the opportunity to hide many things is far too easy.

Scenario Two: I got an email from one of my readers. He told me that he lived in Scotland and felt when he read one of my books, my blog, and saw my picture that he felt some strong connection.

Very skeptical, I answered the letter and was polite. I didn’t know much about this person, except that he did send a picture. I was not in the least attracted to nor, nor even considered being attracted because of the distance. However, as we continue to write to each other, I realized that he could actually be an answer to my treatment about wanting a prayer partner who would be committed to praying almost every day.

He and I decided to Skype for our next conversation. I discovered through 3-5 conversations that this person, indeed, was going to be a great prayer partner, as we thought almost exactly alike about spirituality. As he says, “It was LOVELY!” His eyes sparkled like the ocean when he spoke, and his honesty was completely transparent, from what I could see. Slowly, we let each other into our lives, by bringing our cell phones with us and meeting family and friends.

During the course of three months, every evening to speak and pray, I noticed our conversations were becoming longer and longer. After the second month, we spent almost 3 hours chatting and laughing before ever praying. During the third month, we both began to have synchronicity in dreams and in our daily life that would lead anyone to believe that a true bond had manifested between us.

We have been talking now for 4 months, and I feel as if he is one of the nicest people I have ever met, if not the nicest. I feel closer to him than most people in my life. I believe that this is true, because the only option we have ever had to get to know one another was NOT in the physical.

As you can see from these two very different scenarios, the Internet and video chat can lead to deepening relationships if you are careful to consistently reel in your physical desire to touch and communicate in a tangible way. This new way of communicating is not common to our bodies and minds. We want to feel someone’s presence in a physical way. However, the beauty of this new way of communicating is that it could help teach us to develop stronger spiritual and mental communication by limiting the physical completely.


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