Confusing News and Alternate Reality?

I turn on the television and scan through the stations. One news station describes America as moving forward with ease in the new laws about immigration. Most other stations say the exact opposite. How can two stations cause so much confusion with alternate_reality, having two completely different stories of what actually happens? This question has been going through every Democrat’s mind in the past two months.

The stronger question though: Why isn’t each station that is telling the incorrect truth being held responsible for spreading lies? Doesn’t the premise of the word news hold in it the definition of truth?

Wikipedia says the definition of news is:

Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events:

Nowhere in the definition does it say how eschewed or honest the news must be. Can the solution of creating more reliable sources of news hold the stations accountable for truth? Can they be prosecuted or fined if they eschew the truth or report what is incorrect?

I wish the solution could be this easy. But whatever someone speaks—truth or lie—can and will be considered news. So, if one conservative station reports what a government official says but doesn’t call it wrong or argue with the fact, then that news station has done nothing wrong.

This is why stations like FOX news get away with conservatively eschewed information. They simply and consistently interview people who have alternative_facts. Yes, it’s disheartening, but becoming aware of truth has to be everyone’s responsibility, not just the newscasters.

Where do we go to get that truth when none of us know who’s giving us shades of eschewed truth?

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Continued from Above:

I’m reminded of living in the 1980-90s when the greatest genocide in America happened. 1000s of people were dying of AIDS related diseases and the government refused to speak about it. As the government didn’t speak about it, the news often didn’t share the truth either. The fight, then, had to be getting people in the top government positions to recognize that their blind refusal of the thousands dying was newsworthy. Once that happened with President Clinton, everything changed. It took ten years of no help, but when the Clintons visited the famous AIDS Quilt and President Clinton spoke at an HRC dinner, it seemed we had an ally.

Money was allotted for more research. People focused on a cure instead of blaming the gays for killing themselves by committing sins. Of course, this also took children and women and millions of Africans dying of the same disease before televangelists were forced to stop blaming these deaths on the gays. This change in educating the public took 1000s of marches and many clandestine groups fighting in the silence, going from door to door with information to get the truth to the masses, those who would listen. The more liberal news stations began to share some honest facts.

I lived through this wretched part of America’s past. Many say that gays are winning the battle for rights now. We could look at this predicament of gay Americans like we look at women’s rights and African American rights and Latin American and Immigrant American rights. No one should be left out of any basic constitutional right. In this day when documents are coming from the White House faster than anyone can keep track, we must be extra vigilant.

When I was a kid, I used to dream of the day that I would have the same rights as my straight friends. Can you imagine your child knowing he would have to fight his entire life and, perhaps, never even get to see his friends able to hold hands in public, or an even greater dream, to be able to marry the person he or she loves—just like straight America? You would first have to admit that your child is gay, which some still haven’t, especially in the more conservative states and in smaller towns. The words Fag and Nigger still are spoken openly in places I have visited in the deep South. Anyone would have to wonder where these citizens have lived the past 50 years. Columbia, a small town in Tennessee still has segregated graveyards. These are the people who came out of the woods, uneducated, easily  manipulated, and already primed to be prejudice from their backwards societies to vote for Trump.

At every change of the guard in presidency, women, gays, minorities, and immigrants all must put on their battle gear and watch for tiny laws that may pass that turn into larger laws and reformations that take us back to the 70’s when we could have been arrested just for being gay or fired if someone saw you with a person assumed gay.

The battle was rough back then. It’s no wonder it took so many people being courageous enough to say we are gay out loud before times could change. Most gay people are reticent to force our intimate lives on anyone. In my estimation, we were forced to show America we exist, to show our rainbow of colors—not the other way around. By not showing up or coming out, we diminished our brethren and ourselves. We all realized this, the movie stars, the comedians, the singers. We had to say we were gay. In doing so, we shared what we shouldn’t have had to share, our intimate decisions and love.

When I first moved to Nashville, I remember how difficult it was to find a gay bar in town to go to meet other gay people. There were no signs, no information published in the telephone book, because gay bar owners were afraid of being arrested, worse yet, their domains destroyed.

I finally found a gay bar by walking around the downtown area late at night and following two obviously drag queens into a bar. This was not my destination, as it was a bar that was for mostly drag queens and guys who wanted the company of someone in drag. However, the bartender was able to lead me to the address of a gay guy’s bar down the street.

When I found the address, it appeared to be a restaurant with a hotel attached. There was a not a sign with even the bar’s name anywhere to be found. Had someone not stepped up behind me and walked through an unmarked door, I wouldn’t have known where to go.

I blindly followed the man through two doorways, an alleyway, and up a scary set of stairs to a very quaint and beautiful piano bar. How relieved I was to finally see some of my people and know that in this place I would not be judged.

I didn’t go there to drink. I didn’t go there to do drugs. I didn’t even go there to find sex. Most of us went to these places because we felt safe from the outside world’s judgment.

I share this because so many young gay men and women do not understand the pain and fear all of the over-40 GLBT Americans had to go through to see the dream of Gay Marriage and anti-discrimination laws come to pass.

We need this generation of Millennials to step up, stay aware of all the news, ferret out what’s right and wrong, and join the continuing fight for complete transparency in America!


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