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When I ask a client if they have a spiritual belief, almost everyone answers with the name of a religion. “I’m Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist.” Few, not many, say that they are in the process of searching. When someone comes in with an open heart and mind, instead of a rulebook of answers about his/her perception of God, I breathe a sigh of relief. Interestingly though, those same people excuse themselves for not going to church or not having definition in a somewhat indefinable space.

No one can see through your eyes. Absolutely no one in your world sees what you do, from the perspective you do. Therefore, to believe exactly as someone else is an impossibility. Yet, most of us—even Agnostics and Atheists—try to fit into a sect or religion. The Dalai Lama once said in an interview, when he was asked the question: “If there were anything in the world you could take away, what would that be?” His answer was RELIGION!

Why would he answer religion when he is a very religious person, you might ask? Because, religion isn’t spirituality. Religion has been more of a divisive place for most people, rather than a way of unity and compassion. The Dalai Lama knew that, especially since he was torn from his homeland because of his beliefs.

When a person asks for help with spirituality, my first inclination is to lead him/her to a place of self-exploration and communication with a higher self. I teach meditation, which is a form of hypnosis derived from the Ayurvedic tradition, those who brought about yoga and most naturopathic medicine. This teaches an individual to become the objective, compassionate observer of his or her life.

In the final days on earth, Jesus prophesied that “the lessons of God would be written on our hearts” not in books. So, if you want to understand God, you have to start from inside. In fact, getting indoctrinated in a religion could completely stymie your way toward the light, especially if your heart tells you otherwise.

I wouldn’t become a vegan, first, and then learn how to cook vegan food. I would research what being a vegan does for my life, understand the ways of a vegan, and decide if this is what my body needed, way before becoming one. If I wanted to decide on a political party, I wouldn’t simply do what my family did. I would read about it. Check inside my heart for what resonates. Then, make a choice.

We do religion and spirituality backward in this world. We follow the footsteps of others instead of walking on a pathway from our own hearts to truth. Many people may read this and say, well, you can be led off course by many demons or untruths in the world. Yes, that is true. But what person doesn’t learn from his/her mistakes? An adult learns to choose wisely from having endured hard times. A person seeking spiritual truth, especially an adult, needs to discover a way that suits his or her lifestyle and demeanor. Some may take a nature walk. Others may meditate on a spiritual reading. Others may need a church. But you have to define that for yourself. No one can do this for you.

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