Constructing a Jigsaw Puzzle with Broken Pieces #transformation #releasingthepast

I have constructed a few jigsaw puzzles in my fifty-three years. I remember finishing one particular puzzle of a beautiful Burma Railway over the River Khwae Yai. After finding all the edges first, then beginning the tedious task of assembling the numerous and often oddly shaped, interlocking and tessellating pieces, I realized that three of the main puzzle pieces were broken and a few were even lost, leaving the beautiful picture I was to follow as a pattern from the front cover of the box, looking a bit like an old bridge with some of its basic assembly torn and tattered. This pictured remained in my mind like a mistaken tattoo gotten on a drunken evening.

Jigsaw puzzles were initially a picture painted on a large board, then cut apart with a jig saw; hence, the name. John Spillbury, an English cartographer, is credited for beginning the mass craze in the late 1700s. Puzzle enthusiasts can spend hundreds of hours constructing 5000-piece jigsaw puzzles; sometimes, even varnishing and displaying them in beautiful frames.

I don’t suppose I would have wanted to display the last puzzle I completed, because it had been constructed with broken and missing pieces. How beautiful could a puzzle be if it has broken pieces?

I often feel this way when I take a panoramic view of my own life, watching from above like a eagle in flight. I see fragments of beauty. I see roads leading to paths unknown. I see a great deal of pain. I see graves for that which I lost. But, mostly, what I notice more than any one thing is missing pieces, parts I can’t define or piece together in a way that seem to interlock and hold fast. I imagine that those pieces of my life must be broken or simply not be fitting together correctly. So, I leave those pieces sitting on the side of my life until I understand where they belong.

In times past, I would try to stuff the pieces into a places in my life that seemed to have a hole there, but not exactly matching the curves and angles of the piece of the puzzle I held in my hand. In those times, I had realized that I’d often broken the puzzle piece by trying to fit it somewhere it shouldn’t have been in the first place.

I believe, now, that life would be okay with a few missing pieces. In fact, if the puzzle were completely constructed, my life would feel as it were coming to a close. If that were the case, the only action left to do would be to deconstruct it or display it. I’m not sure which I would choose, but know I want to continue on the path of constructing my life piece by piece. This is living in the now, taking the parts of your life given to you by spirit and managing them as best as you can—even the broken pieces a place if you wait long enough. I know that many times, years later, I have been able to take an old pain or heartbreak and fit the piece into a perfect place in my life’s puzzle. I find reason and understanding where I could see it before, leaving room for more self-compassion, first, and usually for the other person who seemed to stymie the construction of a particular part of my life.

No puzzle is perfect when it comes to life. Be amazed at the missing parts, knowing that God’s intention is to find the exact measure for every space left empty in your heart and mind.


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