Conversations with the Sick and Dying – Part II

Conversations with the Sick and Dying—Part II

When I was in my late thirties, a friend from church brought her mother, Belle, to me for spiritual healing from a brain tumor. Belle had been diagnosed with a Gliobiastoma Multiforme, which is the most common and deadliest of malignant primary brain tumors in adults.

When came into my home, she looked and sounded like nothing was wrong with her. Her daughter was of the belief that with enough prayer and meditation it may all go away. I got on board, of course. We all prayed together for the best and highest good for Belle.

Belle and her daughter would come back every couple days. Each time I would lay hands on her and pray. Sometimes God would give me things to tell her daughter to do to help, such as food or cures that would help. I believe Belle had about a year more life than anyone thought she was going to have, but at one point a year later, everything took a turn for the wor

Her daughter called me. Belle was barely able to talk and bedridden. I went to visit and found her completely angry with me, with God and with life. Belle didn’t want to die. Worse yet, she was afraid of what death might bring. I could feel it all around her. She also had shared some things with me during our time together that helped me understand what this day might look like, when it arrived.

So, what I kept saying to her was things I tried to share when she was healthy. I asked her to imagine that a beautiful white horse with wings had come for her at the foot of her bed. There was an angel on this horse who would take her to a perfect heavenly and peaceful place. There was nothing to fear. Just imagine it.

I shared the image with her daughter. And every time the pain would get bad, the daughter would keep reiterating about getting on the horse with the angel.

I spent a lot of time at the house for the next couple days because I knew that Belle’s death was near. But suddenly, I had it in my heart that I was to go to my friend Lisa Palas’s house that night, where there was a monthly spiritual group that met. During the group, we had a potluck, then there was always a special presentation, then we had a powerful prayer time.

That evening when we were in prayer, a wind and a white light whisked through the room. The many candles lit all flickered intensely. All 30 of us saw it. Someone even said it looked like a white horse flew by. In the next few minutes, my cell phone rang. Belle had died minutes before.

No one else saw what I saw when the candles flickered, but they felt something that was unquestionably spiritual. I saw Belle on the white horse with that angel that I had prayed would take her away. And she waved to me and smiled as the horse flew by.

When you witness something like this, you know in your heart that there is a hereafter. No one could possibly take that knowledge from me now.

Today I found out that one of my dear, older yoga clients had passed away, unbeknownst to me. As we did the class, I felt his presence at the back of the room, almost as if he was asking if he could join in. I don’t know that anyone else could feel it, but I sensed it. I nodded my head and in my mind said, “Absolutely, any time.”

Today, I’m rather sure I did yoga with a friend who had passed away and was spiritually in the back of my fitness room. I felt friendly and at home with the idea of angels all around me—even doing Yoga!

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