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Today’s lesson is about how the individual mind of man or woman takes from Unlimited Source, which is Divine Mind or God, what it needs ONLY as it is capable of understanding and conceiving of that particular idea or thing.

I remember as a child the first time I got my eyesight tested. I came back home believing I wanted to be an Optometrist. To that end, I studied everything about the science of medicine and vision. I forced myself to gain the knowledge needed to become a doctor. I’d have to get a scholarship, as we were poor. So, I got straight A’s all the time. That dream thrived as all the knowledge I needed to attain it came to me, as long as I deeply desired it.

Then, one day, I had the chance to sing on stage in front of a receptive audience. The applause, the acceptance, and the many words of encouragement vainly led me to change my lifelong dream to that of wanting to be an actor/singer/dancer. To that end, I began to take dance class, take voice lessons, and study acting.

The point of this story is that I opened my mind to a particular idea, no matter the reason. As we all are connected to Infinite Mind, we draw from This Source what we want, what we are ready to accept, and allow our own minds to receive the amount of knowledge we can conceive.

When I first went to college for singing, I flunked the first semester of my vocal juries. All of the teachers at Carnegie-Mellon University said I’d never be a singer. But, I would not accept that choice for myself. Instead, I conceived in my mind to be an even greater singer than any one of those teachers. To that end, many amazing opportunities appeared in my life to teach me the way of unleashing my potential.

So, the truth: God as Source is full of all concepts, ideas, and energy. As we are a part of Source, in the image of Source, we can be or have any one of these concepts. But, each individual only attracts to him/herself that which it desires. Ernest Holmes writes: “The scientist discovers the principles of his science, the artist embodies the spirit of his art, the saint draws Christ into his being—all because they have courted the particular presence of some definite concept.

Today, if you want to attract to your life a dream, an idea, knowledge, or prosperity, you must first open your mind to courting that definite concept. In other words, this definite concept is a picture in your mind that is so defined that you can already see it clearly, what you would do if you were that idea or had that tangible object. You also MUST begin to carry with you the PASSION of having that dream, as if it were yours already.

But, the key in this lesson is that “courting” is an action. It’s deliberate. If you want something, you have to, not only believe it is your in Divine Mind, but you must move toward it with steady passion and fortitude.

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