Creating Separation

As a student of Spirit, I feel as if I have erred in my thinking about unity and individuality. Today, instead of creating a new religion around my Ego beliefs, I want to be all-inclusive. I intend to know that whom I attract is exactly what God intends. The words we so carefully choose to make us separate, but equal, may only causing more separation.

Think about the words we can use to describe ourselves. I’m Gay. I’m an artist. I’m a writer. I’m a man. I’m a metaphysician. I’m a clinical hypnotherapist. I’m a romantic. I’m an entrepreneur. All of these terms individualize me from the whole. This separatism isn’t what we need right now in the world. We can be individuals without dividing ourselves and our beliefs into sectarian communities. We can’t create unity by opposing everyone around us.

The truth is: I’m trying to find a way to be accurately individual and be a part of the whole without having to express my differences. I had a dream last night in which someone was bible-thumping at me. I got very angry in the dream and reamed the person who was Ego-tizing the bible. Yet, I see so many times as I have offered my own belief in the metaphors of life, I have often done exactly the same.

The key question here is: am I trying to separate myself from everyone else with my opinions, or draw them together? I came to Florida with a large intent to help the many gay people who have been disenfranchised from religion and spirituality. I wanted to help them on the way to find a unique version of spirituality that only a gay man or woman can have with God. But, I see, that none of these gay people have asked for my help. By offering my help I’m only confirming that something needs to be fixed in God’s world.

I don’t believe that anything needs to be fixed in God’s world. What needs to be changed or altered is our own, individual minds that seek to see only the effects of the world and not the premise that God is the author and finisher of all! The world offers many chances to separate ourselves, but only few chances to come together and see truth as It Is.

We can’t begin to “fix” anyone if we think the world needs fixing. It doesn’t. Our perception of the world needs to be changed. When we see that everything operates in divine order, we know that the only perception that needs fixing is our own Ego ideations. When we get that we are God incarnate, we realize that the only hand of God that reaches out from the heavens is God in You. The only prayers offered to this world are offered THROUGH you. So, if you want to make change, stop separating yourself from the whole. See you and me as one wonderful creation of God, always moving toward our perfection together. This is God! This is spiritual law. This is divine unity in action.

If we start from here, seeing the whole complete and changed, operating as One in Spirit, we can begin to treat for change in the effects of the world now.

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