A View from Space—Imagine! #omniscient

Before I get on my devices in the morning, I take a nature walk and spend time sitting quietly by the lake to look into the sky and imagine. Yes #imagine! Why is this so important to a clear world view and a more omniscient outlook on life?

When anyone spends more time thinking about God, who he or she is in the vast universe, and how you personally can help the world, you become more connected to this living breathing Earth on which you live.

Yes, I still meditate before I do all of this, but I’m not saying you have to do all that I do to keep up with your own sense of spiritual growth. However, the possibility of becoming comfortable in a world that is vastly different than the one you live in and on (human on Earth) takes you spending time with the universe in a place that is not screaming for your attention.

Today, just take some time away from your daily, busy rituals. Spend a bit of time (even five minutes) just looking at the sky or at the ocean or a lake. You will be swept away into another world and stay there, if you don’t let the world drag you back. Relationship building is based on spending time with each other. If you plan on being more spiritual, you must spend time with Spirit!





You can’t build a relationship with God unless you spend time with and in the presence of the Great Spirit. There are many blogs in my 8 years of writing that teach about meditation. Also, you can look at the end of this blog and find a meditation that you can use to help you understand the mechanics of meditation for yourself. Please do me a favor and sign up for my youtube channel. I am really trying to build my social presence on youtube, so that I can begin to reach more people. Thank you.



Again, meditation is a step in spiritual development we must be on to get stronger spiritual and identify our paths on this Earth. Our entire purpose for being on this Earth is to get stronger and stronger in Love and Compassion. When we make choices that benefit the ego self, we often go in the wrong direction in life; this would include choices that are based in fear.

Fear is not love. Anything in your life that presents itself as fear is an illusion trying to keep your from a God Choice or a Miracle!

Join me again for more of my story in the next blog…

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