I used to think that crying was for sissies. Of course, that didn´t keep me from crying. It just simply convinced me that I was a sissy. “Crying,” a lovely healer friend once told me, “is like when you cut yourself. The body must cleanse the wound first by bleeding. Tears cleanse your body of toxins.”

Ever since that advice, I have let myself be as authentic as I can when it comes to emotion. This is important to finding your true self, your true life, and if you’re looking, your true love.

Pretending that everything is oKay all the time is simply a mask we wear to be respected, loved, and thought of as strong. But the truth is that no one really likes or wants a relationship with someone with no emotions.

I remember dating a man who was a real hottie. He was buff, was a father of 2 boys, worked hard, knew how to be a gentleman: but when it came to emotions, there was nothing there. Absolutely nothing.

He used to tell me: “You are the one in this relationship with emotions. One person that is as expressive as you are is enough.”

In truth, one with emotions is not enough. And the reason is NOT that 2 people with emotions will cause too much drama.

The reason is that 2 people who understand emotion and KNOW where it comes from become a balance to each other.

Life throws us curves all of the time. When one is upset, usually the other PERSON IN A BALANCED RELATIONSHIP is the strong person and compassionate as well, which is also one of the emotions the strong boyfriend didn´t have. He had some compassion, but not like someone who truly understands himself and wants to grow from the NOW.

All this to say, if you are emotional and enjoy a good cry now and again, go for it. However, to balance that, make sure that you understand why you cry and that there is peace always waiting to embrace you when you’re finished with the tears.


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