Dare to Be a Giver of Life

When the umbilical cord is cut, a baby begins to breathe on her own. She inhales the breath of human life. Until then, she is In Utero and dependent on the life source of her mother. As in all of human life, I believe an intrinsic spiritual metaphor exists in this part of life.

As spiritual beings, we are connected to God source. But how?

Some spiritual seekers say a golden string unites our spirit with our body. When we have an out-of-body experience, we are, somehow, connected by this golden string, so that we don’t disconnect from our bodies until death.

What happens when that cord is cut, and we actually do enter spiritual life? So we begin to breathe metaphorically of the spiritual essence that would give us eternal life?

Most people don’t dwell on aspects of spirituality that don’t affect them in the present. If it is working, why monitor it? But, I’m the type of individual that wonders why Spirit set up a vastly intricate network of human metaphors that somehow mirror spiritual life—for instance the caterpillar and butterfly. Is this so that the thinker—the one deliberating the truth—would somehow find evidence of spirituality, even if it is just speculation? This, I guess, is what we might call faith.

Once I had a miraculous event. I was meditating and praying. I must have dropped into a dream, because it appeared that the wall in front of me began to crumble. I remember feeling as if I was glued to the bed. I couldn’t move. The atmosphere became thick and heavy. Suddenly, what I imagined to be Jesus appeared in the distance. He began to walk toward me. The closer he got, the more still I became, until he walked right into my body.

From then, I was transported to a place that looked as if there were elders around a large table. They had heads and wore robes and appeared to be floating. In the center of the room was a larger disembodied head that I imagined was God.

I spoke, “I don’t want to go back into my body,” as the feeling of being out of my ego existence was miraculous and peaceful. It felt as if I had no weight and no burdens.

One of the elders answered me, “But you must go back. Remember the promise you made?”

In that instant, I was taken back to a time when I was just spirit. I deliberated with the elders and considered making the journey to earth. I volunteered to teach spiritual law. I remembered the moment as if it were yesterday.

I replied to God and the elders, “Yes, I will go back and do what I intended.”

In that instance, I felt as if every part of my human body became utterly painful. I remember re-entering my body and thinking, how heavy I felt compared to the complete peace. That day was a magical moment in life when every thought and every motivating force changed.

True, I have wrestled with my humanity and ego along the way, but I will never forget the moment I felt released from the umbilical cord of human life. In that moment, I understood what it was to be a giver of life.

* * *
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