Dave’s First Hummingbird

I’m amazed most days how life in one continent can be so different than in another. Today, on our 3rd day of the honeymoon, David and I sat at the breakfast table next to a balcony, overlooking a vast landscape of trees around a huge aquamarine Dale Hollow Lake. As we ate fresh, hot oatmeal with fried apples, bananas, raisins, and cinnamon, a hummingbird knocked on the window. I said to David, who was not facing the door, “Turn around slowly. There’s a hummingbird wanting to say hello.”

David turned around and lit up with a huge smile. “This is my first hummingbird ever. I’ve never seen one before!” He gushed as he watched the hummingbird fly in every direction so swiftly and then dart away.

Of course, I was amazed, too. Every year at my house in Nashville, I would plant red flowers that would attract my hummingbird friends. I thought, how can someone Dave’s age never have seen a hummingbird? Apparently, they are not common to Dublin.

We looked up the meaning of the Spiritual Totem of Hummingbird. Of course, the message was perfectly pertinent. Because hummingbirds are one of the smallest birds, they are also one of the fastest, as well, being the only bird to be able to fly backwards and sideways. This totem means that you should stay in the present and enjoy life right now. Everything you need is right here in the present—all the love, all of the beauty and all of the prosperity.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to take it? Are you ready to find the “nectar of life” and enjoy it freely and effortlessly, like our finely chiseled and colorful animal friend?

Let’s see how present we can stay today, without letting any negativity choke away the perfect beauty that is all around us.


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