Dealing with #Frustration

Day-to-day life is often rife with frustrating decisions and conundrums aplenty, as the world around happens. Instead of getting caught up in the mire, we must push our way through the crowded mass of energy and people to even get through our to-do lists.

For example, today, I was supposed to get up at 7 a.m. with my sister; she was to follow me to the automotive shop to get my car fixed; then take me home with her. Together, we were going to deliver my mother to her doctor’s appointment at 11 a.m. and then pick up my car, hopefully, with the brake light off. As it turned out, my sister became very ill last night. She was up all night vomiting. I got to the automotive shop by myself without my valet and my wallet, and, though I had enough work on my computer and a book to keep me occupied until they fixed my car, the waiting room had no air conditioning—in Florida!

I told the serviceman that I would come back another day. I called my mother and told her that I would take her to the doctor’s appointment. Suddenly, my day looks very different than what I had planned. Did I get frustrated? For a moment, I felt angst. But, I decided that I was here on this earth to be a player and to learn, not to sit out on a bench. I wondered what would happen if I would just let Spirit have Its way with my life and with my morning. Suddenly, my heart felt at peace as I drove home.

Last week, I felt on top of the world. I had been emancipated from my old life, negativity in my past, and I looked forward to the new and exciting life Spirit prepared for me.  This week, I have been stymied at almost every move. I feel as though I should stay put and be quiet, as the world doesn’t appear as safe and inviting as it did last week. I’m not sure why, but I must listen to my heart.

Last week, I felt almost as if I had a daredevil mentality. Perhaps, spirit is trying to tell me that I need to reel in my energy a bit and spend more time deliberating my steps, before I move forward. I can hear that, if this is the case. Objectively, I did not move to a new city and leave my old life to be disobedient to the same heart that led me here. I must gather my energy and stay centered in this time of stress.

I have clients who tell me that stress draws them to smoking, drinking, and other insatiable habits. My advice is to always look inward for peace, because the “kingdom of God is within.” I believe, and will continue to believe until otherwise led, that God and the world deals everyone stressful situations because the world is made up of chaos, not because we have been singled out for bad to happen. Occasionally, though,  our own strength must be tested, for our own sakes. God already knows how much we can bear. Our souls, however, don’t understand the depth of our spiritual knowhow. If we know we can endure difficult situations without crutches, we are more apt to stand firm in our peace, realizing the roots of the tree stand on solid ground. No matter how hard the world shakes us, we may bend, we may bow and shed some leaves, but we will not fall to the pressure.

So, this week, when stress comes calling—and it often will—instead of depending on a crutch or a habit, try to go inward to invite Spirit to lead you to peace.


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