Dealing with Frustration

One thing I know for sure is that we all suffer the same frustration when we have to call for help on any electronic or computer equipment.

The last time I had a computer outage, it took me a total of four hours of phone time, six phone calls, five of which were recapitulations of the same problem—going over the same several beginning steps—then finally to the second stage help that finally gave me the direction I needed to get back and running. Whew.

Who has four hours these days to be on the phone with tech support? Meanwhile, you’re trying to do all your computer work on a six-inch mobile phone that is not meant to do word processing and fulfill the needs of a computer. You get the picture.

What did Bo do yesterday in a time like this? Guess from the points below:

  1. You haven’t seen the right side of my head lately in photos. Half the hair is gone from pulling it out, one hair at a time.
  2. I haven’t had to get a mani/pedi lately, because I gnawed off all my nails, even the toenails…
  3. I haven’t been out lately because I broke out in hives from the anxiety.
  4. I read a book that I haven’t had time to read in a long time, while I was waiting.
  5. I take deep breaths and do yoga positions at computer while I put the phone on speaker.
  6. I put the phone on speaker and I continue on with my day as if this is just one more thing life brings me to understand humanity. (So, this may mean this bullet point includes the last two points.)

The answer is six, of course. Why should I, or you, let any thing like a computer take away my life source just because it’s broken? Yes, the computer holds the key to many of my business prospects and endeavors, but I can’t change what is. I can only deal with what is. In the present. In the moment. And with the care and diligence and compassion of a parent treating a child’s precious hurting need.

We are not here on this earth to play Russian roulette with ourselves every time something goes wrong in our lives. Think about it. How many times a day do you let your heart race because you didn’t make enough time to do all the chores on your list, you’re late to pick up a child, and caught in traffic. Now your heart is beating out of your chest. You’re losing precious life. You may have a heart attack if you keep this up. When the truth is, you can’t change what is.

You either need to learn to give more time for certain chores, take into account for busy traffic times, or get used to the stress that life can hand you. Put on some nice music, a book on tape you’ve been wanting to read, call the person who is waiting for you, and relax into the situation that you can’t change.

No amount of frustration can change the situation! Say that to yourself about 10 times. Take ten deep breaths, breathing in for 6 counts and out for 6 counts as you do this. (This will bring your blood pressure down and slow your heart rate.) Feel your toes in your shoes. Feel your shoes on your feet. Rub in the inside of one of your palms gently. (This changes the route of your neuro pathways and calms you.)

But by all means, take care of yourself. Stress is the number one killer in America today. I don’t want any more of my dear ones to die of a heart attack anytime soon.

Have a safe, peaceful and wonderful day.




* * *

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