Death by Cold Rain #extremecold #revelations

I was amazed as I watched the news yesterday at how many people have died because of, or related to, the extremely cold weather. Roofs caving in from ice, car and truck wrecks, drownings, people stranded in the cold with no power and no heat forced to go to shelters, and plane accidents all happening as a result of a deep freeze lasting longer than normal. I’ve heard that some of these ice storms have caused power outages and devastation that look as though there has been a huge storm or tornado. I can’t remember a time when I have heard that cold has ravaged so many.

When I was a child, I remember living through snowstorms all winter, every winter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Then as a young adult, I recall having to walk my way to work through the interior of buildings that spanned entire blocks in NYC when the wind would snap through the contained streets and slap you in the face, if you weren’t careful. Forget about carrying an umbrella in a storm. It would just get blown away or turned inside out. But, only once do I remember an ice storm turning Nashville inside out by wrecking massive amounts of power lines. Friends stayed at my house because they had no power for weeks.

Wars end only for terrorists to bring fear and record-breaking amounts of a security to the Winter Olympics in Sochi. New wars begin and yet more devastation happens to the tune of billions of dollars around the world. I don’t know about your family, but I have a mother and a sister who are terrified during a storm now—the kind of terror that reminds me of the time I sat in my mother’s apartment when a gun fight was happening outside the door. Is this a sign of end times?

What exactly are the end times? Are they what the bible describes in Revelations or are they signs and wonders leading to time when the world is purged of a vast amount of inhabitants as in Noah’s Ark, or will some of us wake up to find that some have been taken and others are left behind to undergo even more ravage from The Beast or AntiChrist? I’m befuddled by it all. But I must say that I feel that a message is being sent to the world saying BEWARE. Something is coming, and it’s coming sooner than you’d imagine.

Does this something make me want to move to an underground shelter with cans of SPAM and bottled water? No. I just feel an angst inside my heart that says, “Keep your candle burning” or “be vigilante! Something is on its way!” Could it be a Savior, an Antichrist, or simply a new time when people will come together in unity to save each other? I think all of this depends on how we all react in these times. As Stephen Sondheim says: “There won’t be trumpets or bolts of fire to say he’s coming. Nor Roman candles or angels’ choirs, no sound of distant drummer… to guarantee him!”

Is the world coming together to help each other, or are we being more divisive? I guess, this is what scares me most about what I observe. I see a majority of the world hunkering down and helping each other, and a minority still fighting over religion and land. A confusing message is being sent into the heavens. Therefore confusion and devastation manifests over and over again in the world.

This is an observation today with a bit of a suggestion. Instead of being frightened when we see so much devastation and war happening, let us get quiet and ask for guidance. Maybe—just maybe, we can make a difference somehow with our minds and spirit, combined with our continued good will toward each other. Keep your hearts open to good that may come out of the ravage around you. I don’t believe that God wants anyone to perish in these disasters. But some will die to bring forth a resounding message. What will that message be? And will have ears to hear?


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