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If God’s love is all-encompassing and is the foundation from which all is created, can we actually refuse to accept the Love of God? The answer is a simple one: Absolutely!

God made us in the image of Itself, therefore, we have volition or choice. When you have choice in the world, you have the power to refuse anything, including goodness. However, most of us do not volitionally refuse God’s love. We either forget to ask or use so much negativity in our asking that this “unconditional force field” must only give us what we actually believe we can have. Is this God’s fault? Is God playing favorites?

This concept is likened to the person who begins to drive without ever studying the book of rules about driving. Would this person not be held to the same traffic laws as the person who had studied the rules and used them correctly? Of course. So, your ignorance about how the universe uses the Laws set out since the beginning of time is not God’s fault. It is your responsibility to adhere to the rules of the universe. If you don’t know them, begin to search for the rules. If you aren’t prospering or are not healthy, open your heart to concepts that will change your positively change your life.

But, you might say, what if I have never been taught the rules? How can I be held responsible for breaking the law then?

I had such an experience, as I was stopped by a policeman for breaking the “Move Over Law” when it had been first initiated. I had never heard of the law, yet I was given an $80 ticket. I went to court to argue that I had never heard of this law, but my excuse did not hold up in court.

Here is the main concept about the Law: if you break it, you are responsible whether you know it or not. But, God has taken proper steps to teach all of us in the metaphors of life that exist everywhere we look. For instance, let us consider the law of electricity, which we use every day.

If you do not pay your bill, you do not get to use the electricity. If you do pay your bill, your home or apartment is charged with power. We assume, after we pay for this service, that when we plug an electrical device into an outlet, it will be powered by the electricity. We can assume that if something does not work when we plug it in, that something is either wrong with the device or power isn’t making its way to the outlet. So, what are the metaphors we learn from this lesson?

We have to subscribe or pay for something to begin the process of activating it in our lives. This would be the initial process of spirituality: Accepting that a God, a higher power, or a Creator exists.

Once we have accepted the concept, we can begin to use the process. Back to the metaphor, we read about what not to do and what to do to keep us safe from this electricity to use it correctly. Or not.

Have you ever had a friend who never, ever read a user’s manual in her life? The expectation is that you or someone else will read it for them and share the most used information. Well, if this person got electrocuted because she plugged in a wet outlet, would you say it was her fault or God’s?

Seriously, most people who come to me in pain and sick and poverty stricken, have never even considered the possibility that something different and healthier could be possible for them. Most of the time, as I reveal to a client that he or she has another, better choice, he or she becomes amazed and often tearful.

I once asked a woman who came to me for weight loss what she had eaten the last two days. Honestly, she had only eaten at MacDonald’s for every meal. She said, “I ordered the healthy chicken sandwich, French fries, and a large diet coke. So, I figured I was doing good. Usually, I have two quarter pounders, fries, and a coke.”

Law is imperative to learn in every instance of life. If some part of your life is not working properly, I guarantee you that you are doing something incorrectly. Or, you could find other alternatives that could minimize your uncomfortable state. I know this with certainty after working with thousands of clients.

Never once, in all of those years, was there a time I did not have a helpful suggestion to offer. Life is full of possibility. Even the idea of believing in this possibility is part of that law. If you insist there is no love for you, there will be no love. But, if you continue to believe Love or possibility is there, search for it, meditate on it, open your heart to learning about it, you will ultimately change your mind about your problem or issue. I can promise you that.


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