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The judges just made the final cuts of “So You Think You Can Dance,” one of my favorite reality shows. I couldn’t believe the physical and mental endurance it took to get through three days of hellish choreography and clashes of personality to get to the final 33 dancers for what they call the Green Mile, before the top 20 dancers are picked for the main season. The only thing that that could possibly be driving these youngsters to their best is desire.

I used to admire people who would work hard all week and enjoy sports on the weekend as if it were all that mattered. I always wanted a hobby or passion in my life that could drive me to the great lengths sports does to most men. I seriously believed, until recently, that I have never really found that one thing that makes me crazy wild inside and want to do my thang night and day. I have many parts in my life that make me happy, but nothing really that makes me stark-raving crazy. Sometimes, to tell you the truth, I wish I did. I wonder, however, if it would be to the detriment of my well-rounded and balanced life if something wowed me.

I do know this, that anything that I have truly wanted in this life, I have desired with all my heart. I have dreamed of it. I have fantasized about what I would do if I made the grade. I have challenged myself to practice and rehearse. And I have pushed myself to churn out work every day until the finished product was in sight. However, I have to say, that the end product and even a good ending to the dream is never enough. I feel, often, that the “work on the path” is truly the only thing that makes pushing toward the dream worthwhile.

I have never once stood in front of a standing ovation for a performance and thought, I have made it to happiness. In fact, almost the opposite reaction happens. I feel sad inside that the utmost compliment isn’t enough to make my heart sing with happiness, even after I have honed and practice my talents to the nth degree. I go back to the drawing board with spirit this time and ask, “What is my divine purpose, God?” I know, that without understanding my divine purpose I will never truly be on the path to pure bliss.

Recently, I have looked hard at my very busy and diverse life. I decided that something had to change to make my life congeal and be cohesive. I had a literary agent friend tell me that my book ideas were good, but I needed a brand. I had heard the term brand many times. I remember when the YMCA changed its branding to simply The Y. The health club hadn’t been a young men’s Christian association for a long time. Yet, Y they kept their logo for so long, amazed me. But I finally understood the concept when all the employees had to change outfits, the signs were changed, and even our basic concepts were more cohesive.

So, I asked God for some inspiration. This is when I came up with “Finding Authentic You.” I realized that everything that I did as a practitioner was leading my clients to something. But what was that special something? When I discovered that no matter if my clients were coming for yoga, hypnotherapy, or life coaching, they were all coming to reveal their most authentic self. And, indeed, that is exactly what my intention was when I changed my brand at the beginning of this year—to peel the layers of nonauthencity off and reveal the truth self in all who came to me. I decided that I would start with the concept first. Create a website and a blog that followed the theory. Then make sure that all my jobs fit into the paradigm of finding authentic truth.

Two years ago I made this change. I have let go of so much want and desire, and have settled into a place of simply doing what is in my heart to the fullest extent, coming from the greatest heartfelt place. As a result, my life has taken a turn for the best. I have never experienced so much happiness in my entire life. Every day has been filled with bliss and love. I have decided to put away the past and leave it locked up and burnt away where it belongs. When it decides to rise from its ashes like the Phoenix, I ask the question: What lesson(s) are you trying to show me, Spirit?

When I discover the reason I’m experiencing an old pattern, I make a positive move, pressing forward into the now with power and strength—new strength—I never knew I had. Lately, I have been more real and more at peace than ever before. I believe this is all because I have found the desire behind my dream. The desire is simply this—to live life as my authentic self—and with that comes peace.




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