Destroying and Un-creating Unwanted Thoughts

I can live life with a conscious desire to be different and more compassionate about others and myself every day. But, because I have a subconscious mind that has old triggers and beliefs, I may need to allow old thoughts to rise to the surface. When they do, I have a choice. I could listen to the thought and play with the negative ideas that usually end up destroying my peace. Or I could tell those same thoughts that I destroy and un-create them in that moment. I’ll explain how.

In the realm of the subconscious mind I have two creative sources working in tangent to or together with God. My subconscious or subjective realm lies in the One Mind of Spirit, both in me and in God. This is where we are connected to God and Spirit as one. So, I have a choice of working with the One Mind or in tangent to it. This is where free will comes into play in humanity.

I would say that when negativity comes up in my life, One Mind of God would have me destroy and un-create that which no longer serves me. Or, I, as the individualized part of the One Whole, could make a choice to override the desire of my best interest, either consciously or subconsciously and acquiesce to the negative impulse.

I believe this is where I have been operating amiss most of my life. When a thought would come up that was opposite of what I had just prayed, I would try to somehow work with the thought, play with the idea of change; perhaps, even try to transform the thought into something good. This never worked, because I missed one very important choice, which I have, according to Spiritual Law. I could simply just un-create and destroy the negative thought right as it appears.

How do I do this? Is it as simple as just saying to the thought: “I un-create and destroy this thought now?” The answer is an amazing YES!

There is, however, one very important step that you could do to put an exclamation mark after your powerful creative mind takes it place on the palate of your directive, positive choice. Here is an example below:

I have just prayed that my finances are now only subject to the purposeful prosperity of unlimited Good. I have proclaimed my individualized power with the One Unlimited Source. I have thanked God. I have even released my proclamation to the Unlimited Law of Good. But, soon after my prayer, a fearful thought of not having the money to pay my rent comes up. What do I do?

Since we are all co-creators with God, any fearful thought can undo the power of our creative thought. So, I can let the fearful thought come up, not pay attention to it, and tell it, “I destroy and un-create this fearful thought of poverty from its roots. From wherever it began I return it to Sender!” Then, I may say something to confuse my conscious mind, because usually, this is the part of the mind that wants to recapitulate my old story. I could say, “Everything is opposite of what it should be. Nothing is opposite of what it should be.” Repeating this paradox a few times, I get my conscious, deductive mind out of control. Then, I may end by saying thank you to my spirit for doing its work in a healthy way.

Coming Up: I’ll be writing more about the power of our Co-Creative Minds!


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