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Many forward thinkers have sought out mysticism and psychism and the like to undergird their spiritual truth. Mysticism can be seen throughout the ages in teachers and prophets of old. We can see that these humans are channeling truth because the majority of what all of them say is very similar. They are allowing the words of Spirit to flow through them without human mental confusion. They do this for the masses and gladly say the truth, even if it means being ostracized.

Ernest Holmes, the author of The Science of Mind says that psychism is different than mysticism. He feels that psychics read human thought, while mystics sense the atmosphere of God. Holmes continues his comparison by saying:

“The mystics of every age have seen, sensed, and taught the Same Truth. Psychic experiences, on the other hand, bears the exact opposite testimony, as they more or less contradict each other, for each psychic sees a different mental picture. The psychic sees largely through his own, or another’s, subjective mentality. Consequently, the psychic’s impressions are more or less colored by the vibrations of his own, or another’s, thought… This is why, generally speaking, no two psychics see the same thing. Mystics have all sensed one identical Reality, and their testimony is in no way confusing.”

I write this today, because many of us have seen the two different styles of spirituality at work in individuals who consider themselves empathic or pyschic. I would hope that when you seek for truth for yourself that you would use the guide from above from Holmes and even follow a couple of my own steps below to test for the correct empathic leader to help you in your spiritual walk. (Also, I’m in no way judging psychics here, in general. People will often call themselves psychic, but are truly gifted empathic healers and mystics. It’s the charlatans we are trying to avoid.)

  1. If you feel a negative energy around the psychic, don’t go.
  2. If you feel that the person is trying to read your thoughts, instead of lead you on a Spiritual path, walk away.
  3. If you sense that the person is trying to keep you coming back and paying more by giving you half-truths, walk away.
  4. Lastly, realize that authentic spiritual gifts are given to people who honor Truth and will share it with the masses. Their message will:
    1. give you hope,
    2. guide you to a higher calling, and
    3. lead you to the light, not away from it.


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