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I remember the old Janis Ian song, “At Seventeen.” Her poignant lyric has been spinning in my brain all morning. As a teenager, I remember singing it and changing the lyrics from “ugly girls like me” to “different boys like me.” I always understood what it meant to be that unique, but misunderstood character whom everyone wanted to love, but did not know how.

The high school girls seemed to understand me, but the jocks thought I was too pretty and artistic, the nerds were scared to let me in for fear the jocks would disturb their quiet tribe.

I wondered why I couldn’t have been a football player or someone normal that everyone could love. Even at that young age, I sought truth from Spirituality. I remember studying many religions and searching for one that would accept me for who I am.

The many anxiously waiting religions that sought to initiate me into their community of believers all wanted change, the biggest change, a change I could not even vocalize then, was that they would not… could not… absolutely barring none, allow me to be gay! That was something I would have to change or forsake the idea of ever having something like a God to love me.

So, the next ten years were a balancing act, trying to decide what was more important, God or my authentic feelings about men. Probably for many, my story was the same. I wanted to be loved and accepted so badly that I chose to forsake my authenticity and conformed. For many years, I lived as a celibate minister caring for everyone but myself.

This scenario is less likely to happen today when acceptance and tolerance is law, but it does not mean that haters do not exist that wish to put every different person back in a closet in keep them locked there. We would wonder why. How could this different, artistic, spiritual boy threaten a muscular football player or a right-wing religious leader?

No one can tell the difference—by looks—who is gay and who is not. So, the threat to the paranoid is like the threat of the simple, nerd who turns out to be an ISIL follower.

When people cannot be easily identified and categorized, it disturbs people who live in isolated worlds, especially if they do not understand true spirituality and unconditional love. It would almost seem that compassion could only come from someone who has experienced what it feels like to be different.

So, we commune in flocks for safety. We move to cities with more of us to protect our laws. We vote for the political party that will protect our rights the most. We seek the religion or the spiritual path who will love us as we are. This is a good thing.


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  1. lkreiselmaier

    Beautifully expressed, Bo. Thank you so much for your courage and authenticity in sharing your story.


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