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One of my favorite affirmations is “Rejection is God’s Direction!” Just guess how long it took me to remember this affirmation when was I going through a pity-me moment? Almost five minutes! That’s right. My mind was so wrapped around the past, I couldn’t come out of myself and my hurt to see straight or to remember anything positive. Have you ever had one of those moments?

You have probably heard the affirmation: “When God closes one door, God opens another!” I believe this loving statement of truth as well. But, I couldn’t even think of it in the moment I needed it most. So, how are we to encourage ourselves out of a malaise of negativity when our own minds stymie our cognitive thought process to the point where it cuts off the very part of the brain that should be guiding us back to health? That is a very good question and deserves further investigation.

Without getting too deeply into the processes of the brain, you basically can’t be in the watchful side of the brain if your mind focuses solely on the past and your own personal hurt. To stay in the past and try to reorganize or imagine what you could have done differently, you must be in the cognitive or deductive side of the mind.

When I began to realize I needed to take my own advice and use self-soothing to get out of my despair, the first thing I did was begin to watch my breath. From there, I began to imagine watching myself from the perspective of the ceiling. I saw a human being human standing in the shower, crying. My first realization was not judgment. I simply realized the circumstantial place in which my human self stood. I began to say to myself, “Look. You have suffered a few losses this month. Your partner left you on Valentine’s day. You are concerned about your mother’s health. Your best friend moved away on Monday. Your humanness is grieving, as it probably should. That’s okay.”

In that moment of nonjudgement, I was amazed at how quickly I began to hear the affirmations of old come back to me. “This isn’t rejection, Bo. This is God’s direction.” My self-soothing could begin now that I wasn’t in the part of my brain functioning in emotion. So, to care for yourself, you must learn, through meditative practice, to get to the part of the mind that observes your Ego and humanness without judgement, much like standing atop a bridge at looking below at the water way.

The water way represents your mind. The fish swimming beneath you are your thoughts. If you are atop the bridge, you can easily separate yourself from the fast current and barrage of negative thoughts, because you are not swimming in them.

If you need help finding this nonjudgmental, observer mind, call me for help. I can teach you how to move from those looping negative thoughts and give you new hope. Bo Sebastian, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, and Yogi. 615-400-2334.

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