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In many parts of the world, different groups of people are deprived of the right to vote, governmental aid, and spousal rights. Even in what most would consider the “modern world,” many countries have no idea what the Internet is or have access to any idea that they have even been disenfranchised, because of lack of education, poverty, and an out-right ban of privilege.

Having gone through the process of feeling demoralized and disenfranchised for being gay, I empathize with anyone who has no rights for simply being someone different. As a race, as a specific group of people, as a person who is different than others, we can only ask for what we know we deserve. Only when we see a reflection of someone receiving his or her just due, we become enlightened.

For instance, women in the United States saw their husbands having the right to vote, long before women’s suffrage. One woman believed that she deserved the right to vote in the 1840s. But, not until 1920 did all women receive the national right to vote. The privilege to vote for women was something conceived first, then fought for, until no one could deny this right of privilege. The same has happened in the law about gays having equal rights, recently. And, in many countries, we see privilege returning to people demanding their rights, specifically in Cuba with the Internet.

Every right that we have as individuals has, first, started with an idea in the mind of an individual who saw his or her reflection in the Divine Mirror of God.

I testified before a counsel of politicians about being fired for being gay in the 1990s. It was then that I finally understood that my rights had been taken away by those who believed I was a degenerate person. The Nashville city council’s argument, after my story, literally was this: “If we allow gays equal rights in the workplace, what is next—people who enjoy having sex with animals?”

To my great disbelief, many people in the room agreed with the African American woman pontificating. At that point, I realized what a great moment this was for me and for all people everywhere. I saw a reflection of freedom in this woman who vehemently protested against my own rights. I saw the irony and the hate at the same time. More importantly, though, I stepped up to say, “I am here. I am gay. And I’m not going away until you give me what I have always deserved as a human being, what the founding fathers promised me as a citizen! Most importantly, what rights God has given me as an child of the universe.”

It is only this kind of thinking that moves mountains. If you are poor and believe you deserve poverty, you will always be poor. Only when you see a reflection of yourself rich in the Divine Mind of God will you step into your truth and demand from your own lack of truth, what you need in this world.

Think about those places in your life that you have allowed yourself to be disenfranchised. It could be health by proclaiming: my entire family had congenital heart problems; so, I to must suffer. It could poverty. It could be your nationality in a country that does not see you as being rightful members of society. In so many ways, we can deprive ourselves of rights. Just remember today, that though you may be treated differently because of some specific difference you inherited, the place where change begins is in your own mind. Continue to see it. Demand it of yourself, first. And finally, hold your head up high, believing you have already received your divine rights.


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