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Behind every trial, a lesson exists. Behind every failure, there is a new chance to see life differently. Behind need, prosperity waits. Behind your problem, today, Divine Substance exists. You don’t even need to believe this fact is true. It simply is! God is all in all! Nothing exists in this world that isn’t God. So, saying you don’t believe God is in any situation in your life is more like you screaming out to the world, “I DON’T BELIEVE!” So, what needs to change in all of us is—our mind!

I had a great experiential lesson in the past month. I have been trying to sell my house. The power to bring a seller to my house to buy it is not within my personal purview. Only God can do that. When I realized this concept and became at peace with the idea that all things are in divine order, then I finally sold my home. This spiritual lesson took me five weeks to learn. I tried every form of prayer. I even gave it the old Native American spin and spread cornmeal around the perimeter of my home. I must have looked like a “corn nut” out in my yard throwing cornmeal into the wind and saying aloud, “I release this house. No, really, I release this house!”

After a long breakfast with a friend who has steadfast faith, we made a deal that, on an indeterminate basis, we would text the words “God has a plan” throughout the day to each other. I, also, added to that, speaking to my disbelief, “You are a believer in God, not an Atheist. You believe that Spirit has a Divine plan!”

You can’t begin to know how many times I had to tell myself this quote, before I began to believe it. Suddenly, the burden was no longer mine to shoulder. Jesus says in the scriptures in Matthew 11:30: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” The question had always been: Do I believe enough to trust?

The other lesson had to do with my mother. I had to send her to Florida with my very narcissistic dog five weeks ago. Coco is adorable, but doesn’t listen to anything or anybody, unless you grab him by the scruff and growl it in his face. He’s a Shorkie, and that breed tends to think they are royalty, which is definitely the case with Coco.

Yesterday, my sister presented a problem to my mother that she wanted to resolve. Instead of Mom trying to use her resources in Florida, she immediately—unbeknownst to my sister—called me. I was with a client and thought her call me be an emergency, so I excused myself for a moment and took the call, which I almost never do. I was annoyed by mother’s call. I approached the situation with a curt response and hung up quickly. Then, I immediately talked poorly about her to my client, which is completely unprofessional. I’m okay with admitting my mistake, so that we can all learn a great lesson.

But beyond unprofessional, my comment changed nothing. What I needed to do and will commit to do in the future is this:

1.) See the issue in my life causing me distress as resolved and at peace.

2.) See myself at peace with God taking care of the issue.

So, if we believe the premise of quantum physics that all matter and time is overlapping, one moment resting on top of the next, without linear time constraints; then any problem we have is already resolved. All I had been doing was resisting the Divine Substance behind the problem that would give me peace.

Remember today: Divine Substance is behind all matter and all situations. All we have to do is get still and remember that one concept to change our point of view.


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