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Evil is defined in the dictionary as “harmful or intending to harm”; whereas, good is defined as “that which is morally right or righteous.” You can’t discuss these two terms without getting into a moral dilemma about the two ends of a Spiritual measuring stick. One side ultimately benefits you. The other will conquer, deplete, sicken, and ultimately kill you. But, if we believe that God is All in All, then we must have wondered, at some point, did God make evil as well create good?

What allows me to move past my old moral conundrum is that: beyond the ephemeral—the effects of this life (good or bad)—there is a Law that is completely impersonal and works no matter if our soul intends good or bad or something in between.

Like the weather, rains and storms fall on both the good and the evil. In the Christian bible we read in Matthew 5:45 that… the sun shines on the good and evil, and rains on both, as well (paraphrased). So, we can’t deny that Spirit is trying to teach us that instead of living in a place of duality and effects; we can choose to lift our hearts to a higher realm of belief, albeit conceptual, where A Law Exists that works for all and in all, no matter of our intent.

As we begin to believe this concept, we start to envision the world in a different way. We let go of the idea that certain EFFECTS in the material world are gifts from God and NEGATIVE EFFECTS are God’s way of punishing our bad behavior.

If we believe that the force that creates all is neither good nor bad; however, is boundless in its desire to manifest good, as Psalms 23 says: “Only good and loving kindness shall follow me all the days of my life!” Then, we can begin to accept more good in our lives each day, because we have let go of the idea that God is portioning out our good according to our behavior on earth.

God is not a mean mother or father in heaven. Rather, Spirit is a creator of divine Laws. When we break these spiritual laws, we suffer the results of misusing the power or rights given to us. (An example of misuse of power on earth would be to stick a wet finger into a power outlet. The person is neither good, nor evil. She is simply misusing the concept of electricity to her detriment.)

If today, for just a moment, you would give rise to a belief above your old ideations of Good and Evil, judgment and reward, then perhaps you could open your arms, heart, and hands to all forms of prosperity on this earth. Remember, the belief in your mind will receive in kind. So, a belief in duality hasn’t served you well. It only creates judgment and gives you the idea that God is more of ruler than an impersonal creator of laws that give way to all forms of truth and divine expression, as well as negativity, when misused.

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