Does Matter Matter? #soulmatter

Physical substance—as distinct from Spiritual and Mind—make up the definition of matter. My questions today: Does matter matter?

In an article in Men’s Fitness called “Can Money Make You Sick?” the author spoke of how students with large college loans were at risk for high blood pressure, young students. Of course, we have just the opposite study saying that people who make little money are also likely to have high blood pressure in So, how much matter should matter?

Once, someone bought me a Fabergé egg for Easter. A beautiful wooden and golden egg enshrouded in a magnificent thrownlike case became the most valuable object I owned. For as long as I had possessed egg, I never wanted to take it out of the case. I simply became afraid it would fall and break. Eventually, I added it to my homeowner’s insurance, because someone might steal it or it may become damaged.

I realized after many years, that having an object that I can’t even enjoy because of fear of loss, became one of the biggest lessons of my life. I began to see that what matters, isn’t matter at all. The greatest and most wonderful parts of my life have absolutely no material value. Friends and loved one will always remain at the top of my Grown Up Christmas List. After that, the spiritual connection that allows me to value their authentic love in my life comes second. Lastly, singing and playing music comes in at the end of my list.

As you can see, none of these things above can be bought. I have had friends who were in my life in grand and wonderful ways. When any one of them had passed, I experienced true loss. Value seemed to instantly appear when that which had impermanence went away. After which, our lives seemed to gain a true understanding of the value of SoulMatter.

I wouldn’t mind a Lexus convertible for Christmas, but I’m sure I’d feel the same as I did today when I had a tiny collision with a truck. I felt that my car was only an object, and a scratch or two didn’t make much of a difference in the large scheme of life. I have friends who wash and wax their cars every week, keep them in a garage, and put fancy covers over them to protect their worth. But take the car out on the road and let a surprise storm encroach on the fun, skid on the road, and, now, run into the side rail. That lovely car now becomes a pain in your behind for a week or two as you haggle with insurance, pay the high deductible, and watch your valuable car devalue because it has been in a collision. Does matter matter? If it does, you are about to have heart problems and high blood pressure.

Well, the truth be told, even that which has no physical value can hurt terribly when we lose it. So, the intangible has just as much threat of loss than the intangible. What can we make of this?

I go back to my original statement about matter. What we see as a person or a friend can be physical or it can be a spiritual connection. If you lose a friend, then the spiritual memory remains forever, but the loss becomes the day-to-day collision of minds and body. So, are we really experiencing the loss of matter? Only if what we attain in friendships and love remains on a tangible, physical plain.

I’m of the belief that what we become attached to physically on this earth will always bring us pain in the end. So, learning our lessons to detach from the physical world and love from a purely peaceful and loving place in the heart can help with any devastating loss.


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