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I have always believed that humans have souls. I sometimes even think my dog has a soul. But, I have never considered that the Universe has a soul. Ernest Holmes, in The Science of Mind says this:

  1. “It has always been taught that the Soul of the Universe is that receptive medium into which the Spirit breathes forth the forms of Its thought. 2. It is subjective to the Spirit. That which is subjective is always impersonal, … and receptive. 3. Where we find subjective law, we shall find something that is compelled to receive that which is given it, and compelled also to act upon on it. 4. Consequently, the Soul of the Universe has been called, “a blind force, not knowing, only doing.” It has been called, “The Servant of the Eternal Spirit throughout the ages. Is it the medium of the thought, the power and action of Spirit.”
  • In sentence 1, we see that throughout the ages, most theologians believe that when God speaks, there is something that reacts to the Word of God. That something is creative energy called the “Soul of the Universe.” “In the beginning was the Word…”
  • In sentence 2, he teaches that for this Universal Soul to react to the Word of God, it must be impersonal. It acts upon the premise of the mind of God. It is pure potential, in other words. It can only respond to the call of God, without judgment or even an opinion. This is why we call this pure potential the Subjective space, because it is subject to the word of God.
  • In sentence 3, we see that this space wants to… is compelled to receive and create, for that is its purpose.
  • In the final phrases, we understand that the Soul of the Universe is subject to the voice, power, and action of Spirit.

What’s very interesting about all of the above is that this same subjective Universe of pure potential has been given to us on a smaller scale—on the earth. As the master Jesus said, “I came to give you life, and life more abundantly,” his teaching consistently taught about how to change water into wine; five loaves of bread into enough to feed the masses; move mountains, and even raise what was once dead and give it life. To this Jesus added, in John 14:12: “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing… and he will do even greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Jesus, the Master teacher, the Christ (the anointed one), came to teach the ways of the Spirit. He wanted us to see by example that what we encounter in our lives and in this world is just an image, a reflection of the divine. All matter is subject to our word and our passionate belief in our dreams. You, too, can create from this subjective energy, from the Soul of the Universe. This energy is your tool to shape nothing into something with your personal dream.

It responds to us with no malice, nor judgment, because it is subject to all and ready and willing to create, because it is impersonal energy. For this reason, people who have bad intentions and learn these basic concepts of creation can earn billions of dollars and build skyscrapers.

This creative source is available for anyone. So, now, today is the time for the children of Love to take control of their lives, first, and then use this creative power to bring peace back to the entire earth. If we all embraced the creative power Jesus told us we had—in love—we could change the world in a day.

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