Don’t Eat That!

I awoke to my first action today, taking my puppy out for his morning “release and let go.” The ground was wet with last night’s rain, a musty odor filled the air, and a dead animal was eviscerated in the middle of the road by cars continually running over it. Before I cold stop him, Coco ate a piece of the slimy dead one. “Ugh,” I cried, “No, Coco, don’t!”

Yet, he slurped up the remains. I couldn’t eat my breakfast. And you’re probably thinking, thanks for sharing—now, I can’t eat my meal!

I have learned a lot from my dog. I love him unconditionally. I believe that he loves me unconditionally. He doesn’t care if I clip his toenails, and he growls and cries. He still greets me at the door and jumps on me every time as if it’s the first time he’s ever seen me. Yet, he is an animal, working with only the reptilian mind—fight or flight mentality. He does what he needs in the moment to survive.

When he sees the opportunity for something he wants, he takes no time to decide to go for it. His actions are spontaneous when it comes to fear, food, and play. He can be dead asleep. If he hears the word squirrel or kitty cat, he will jump up, run to the window and bark. He can be eating or curled up with my mother on the couch completely comfortable. But if I say, “Coco, you wanna go for a ride with Daddy?” He will jump up, run to the door, and leap for his leash.

The reptilian mind of the human is similar to a dog’s brain, if not coerced and observed by the deductive mind and spiritual force of a person.

We have three decidedly different and diverse functional parts of the brain:
1. The Reptilian brain
2. The Deductive brain; and
3. The Inductive brain.

The reptilian brain will function on its own like a child without proper care and instruction. It will rant until it gets what it wants. It will cry when it’s afraid. It will find a hiding place if its afraid. This part of our mind needs constant and consistent direction.

I believe that when the Apostle Paul was talking about “taking every thought into captivity,” he was considering that our thoughts are not always conducive to a spiritual and loving path. He knew that our thoughts left free would cause most of his disciples to do things he wished they wouldn’t, or that wouldn’t be prudent to their own growth or others.

The other two parts of the mind are the deductive and the inductive thinking of the mind. The deductive is the part that is considered the awakened brain. We deduct, add, subtract, and create thoughts from that which already exists. Staying in this part of the brain will keep you sleepless at night and probably form insomniac tendencies.

If we find that we are traveling on a path that is not conducive to our spiritual path, we might advise our body to act differently with the deductive mind: “If you eat that cake, Bo, you are probably going to gain back the pound you lost yesterday!”

The inductive mind is the observer or the dreamer. We can fall asleep using this part of our mind.

If you find that your deductive mind isn’t as strong as your reptilian brain, and your face is inside the cake before you can extract yourself, then it’s time for the observer mind to begin to work.

The observer mind is the overseer. It watches and commands from the God Mind. This part of our mind can become incredibly strong, but only if you practice getting it strong by meditation. If you can’t get quiet, you are likely unable to control addictive behavior and have trouble sleeping.

* * *

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