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Today’s lesson is about the difference between the power of HOPE and the power of BELIEF. Hope is better than doubt. But believing in something is more powerful than just hoping for a good outcome. Learning how to change your words, your thoughts, and your outcome to something that is exact, often depends on the subtle changes in the wording of your prayers and your belief in the intention you set.

I’ve spent the last year putting aside my old life in Nashville and creating a new life in South Florida according to the Laws of Spirituality—certainly not the Laws of Religion, which I will have no part of.

My idea was to put periods and commas where needed in my old life, and begin a new life in Florida with all of the spiritual understanding I had attained in my many years of studying, ministering, counseling, and teaching. To do this, I had to empty the trough of negativity that I had been dragging along with me through my life. As heavy as the past is, we tend to believe that we ARE OUR PAST. But, we must let go completely, to empty our lives of the negative and be filled with something new and wonderful.

However, what I have learned is that the more I empty my mind of my past, the more space I have to create a new and amazing life. So, after I arrived here, I immediately began to open my life to a new community of friends that were in line with my own personal belief system. So, I joined the Center of Spiritual Living in Fort Lauderdale and began to take classes there. As long I had been in this teaching, I had never realized how much my prayers were using HOPE instead of the POWER OF BELIEF.

The science of taking your dreams to the subjective mind is more about bringing an exact mold or template to be filled by Divine Energy, than holding out your hands and saying to Spirit (WITH HOPE), “Please give me what I need!”

The second prayer may well get you exactly what you need, in time, but will probably only get you enough to fill your hands. The first prayer or treatment, may take a bit longer in time, but will manifest as a vast change in your finances, in your thinking, in your physiology, and in the way you manage your life.

I imagine four different places in my life being filled with the energy of Divine Mind, every day:

  1. My personal and intimate relationships
  2. My finances;
  3. My spiritual life; and
  4. My business.

I imagine that I have a large, empty tub that has four outlets that go to each area of my life. From each tributary, I create an exact mold of my desires. So, in my meditation, I spend time believing that the tub is filling with Divine Energy (or has been filled already), then this energy begins to move to each of my intentions (the molds) in every area of my life.

In this way, I am absolutely sure that Spirit can overwhelm my life with the greater good waiting to be manifested in anyone’s life who takes the time to believe.

But, here is the catch. If you don’t make space and time for this process, you will never see an outcome so rich. Meditation and visualization is part of the creative process. So, you must take time every day for meditation and involution. As my friend, Dr. Chris Michaels, preaches about the Yin and Yang of life, we must balance the two to receive from life what we need. Yang is the active energy, and Yin is the meditative quiet energy. From the quiet involution, comes the evolution of manifestation!

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