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In many ways our lives can be a game of high stakes Blackjack, betting on the odds of winning or losing in some cases. When you play Blackjack, you have an option when you get your first two cards. If you have two of the same cards—a split—and those are aces or face cards and the dealer gets a five or below, the dealer is bound to bust (go over twenty-one and lose the game), and you have a great chance at doubling your bet and winning with two hands. Also, if you have two high cards that are not the same, and the dealer places his/her first card up and it’s below a six, you can “double down” and get one more card on each of your high cards, hoping you will get another high card and the dealer will bust, because of the likelihood of having to hit on a sixteen, usually will take the dealer over the maximum, twenty one. Again, this is how you monopolize and get more winnings in a game of luck called Blackjack, usually played at Casinos.

Every day, we either take chances on life or we “hold,” as in the game when you decide that you want no more cards. If you have a 12 on the first deal, you have a great chance at busting if your next card is a 10 or above. If the dealer has a high card, he or she has a great chance of winning, especially if the dealer’s other card is high. But you can’t see that other card. It’s facing down. You only see your cards and the one showing in the dealer’s hand. So, you must make a calculated bet. Do I hold and see if he wins, or do I take a chance at the deck dealing me something less than a 10? In most game of odds, if you are holding 12 or 13 and the dealer is showing a ten, then you are told the odds are better to take a hit. Even if you lose, the odds are still on your side to lose, so you might as well take the hit.

As our metaphor stands, in life we can get dealt bad cards sometimes, maybe most of the time. In the same instance, someone around us can get dealt great cards. Are we to take a chance and bet against the odds, or do we HOLD with our lives?

This is a great question in the high-stakes game of life. Today, I sit at my computer wondering what my next card will be. I have no idea. None of us do. You may be the Senior VP of a company and have a million dollar home. The next day, you may go into work and find that you have been fired in a company take-over. Your child can go out on to the street and get hit by a car. A hurricane or tornado can devastate a town in seconds. Last year, as I was watching television, the roof of my carport got swept up and off in the wind and got torn from the house. $9000 later, everything was okay with the roof. But at the same time, my BMW needed new tires, and had an oil and a transmission leak, another $5500. My home needed new plumbing, another 2000. My built in microwave broke—850. And my front tooth broke eating cereal—1700. All of this happened in two weeks. Suddenly, I was facing 19K of bills, when the week before I was completely financially solvent. I spent one year getting back to normal. No one expects devastation, but it happens. Did I try harder to make money? Indeed. Did I make more money, not last year. But the past few years I have made 20-30% more a year. Go figure!

My thought here is that no one knows what tomorrow will bring. No one knows the value of the card facing down in front of the dealer. Sometimes, we just live our lives fully, using our odds of being okay as a standard. You can’t hunker behind every test, assuming the odds will be against you, even when sometimes they are. You must be optimistic, or you will simply fold away your entire life and live in a safety zone. I see this time and time again in my clients. Some people have certainly had a bad time of it. But, most of them now take no chances with their hearts or finances. They choose to live in limbo—that Catholic spiritual state between heaven and hell.

After a terrible break-up or a sad situation like a friend’s death, you may sit on the couch for a month and sulk. But, eventually, a healthy person will find the strength to get back in the game of life, resisting the urge for homeostasis. If you suffer from this numb state of “do nothing, sacrifice nothing,” for too long, then you may want to seek counseling or get on an antidepressant for awhile. Unless we are willing to face life head on and flow with the change—bad or good—we end up dying spiritually.

Life is about living. Take a chance once in awhile. You’ll be glad you did.

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