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Life is like the story about a Master Golfer, who had trouble letting things go. When asked how his golf game was, his answer: “It was rough. Harry had a heart attack on the seventh hole. The rest of the game was—swing—drag Harry—swing, drag Harry!”

Though I laughed when I first heard that joke, I know that my entire life has been about dragging the past behind me like a wrecking ball waiting to crash into my perfectly crafted NOW. What exactly can we do to finally rid ourselves of that heavy weight that keeps us from all that we deserve in this lifetime?

1. Take the time to go through the objects in each of the rooms in your home. Bring an empty box with you, as you go through drawers and boxes stored in each room of your home. Remove everything. Look at it. Decide it you need to continue to keep the reminder of your past—good or bad. Begin to fill the empty box with the past. I started with my bedroom. I was shocked at how many things were crammed under the bed, shoved in drawers, and packed in boxes in the back corner of the closet. I would sit with each box, like a prayer that I might say for the last time, knowing that my order had already been placed in the spirit. I no longer needed to request the same list of desires from God again. God listens! I’m the one who keeps bringing up the past and hoping it will change. I removed four full boxes of old memories, just from my bedroom. Metaphorically, that means I have been subconsciously sleeping with these memories every night. Some of the articles I gave away. Some I threw away. Some I recycled, like old pictures of times I will never get back, nor would want to.

2. Trust that the present is the perfect place for you to reside! Sometimes, life is difficult to understand but understand you must. Once, a friend took his own life after dinner with him the day before. First, I grieved hard—sitting in utter confusion. Now, I see that life is extremely fragile. We often don’t know people’s hidden struggle. Spirit asks us to look for signs, for anomalies, and ask—keep demanding truth and authenticity in every area of your life.

3. Don’t pick up new things to hold on to, on your way through life. If you keep filling up your arms with things to hold, you miss reaching out to touch the new and wonderful things all around you. Don’t worry about losing what you once had. Spirit is big enough to continue to let prosperity flow through you as you give and receive daily.

4. Lastly, live life daily with the thought that tomorrow may not come. I’m always surprise how much fear dissipates just by believing this simple thought.


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