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Can you believe in one perfect Law of life and, also, believe in many other ways or traditions that may produce the same results? In fact, some people—many spiritual people—move through spiritual belief like they are trying on new clothing. They go from one store to the next taking the tasty delights that are offered at gratis. Some stay for a while. Others, move quickly to the next place, hoping to find something tastier, that fits better, looks better, or feels better.

I am not saying that making sure that you have found the right community of believers to grow with is not important—not at all. It is very important. But, once you find something that you believe in, do you also recognize that as soon as the course gets difficult that you move on? If so, you may want to read this blog.

I am going to focus in on how multiple belief systems can not only contradict each other, but nullify each other, as well. Specifically, if you are studying New Thought in the form of Science of Mind, which is the template of truth I tend to lead one to, this path is a solo path—at least at the beginning of your search for truth.

We can believe that other truths exist and will help other people. We can honor and respect those who believe in these alternate truths. But, if we expect to see clarity in our resolve of our own spiritual work, we must stay close to the one truth in the Law of Principle of that particular religion or science and focus on it, entirely.

What does that mean? Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind says that we must “claim that no form of race-suggestion, belief in limitation, subjective idea of limitation, thought of karma, fatalism, theology or hell, horoscope, or any other false belief has power!”

When I read that paragraph this morning, I kind of cringed. What other religions and theologies have I been using to create my truth and my life besides the Science of Mind? Let’s look at a few of the “false beliefs” Holmes points out.

Karma is the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). How does Karma not align with the Science of Mind? It seems by the definition from Wikipedia that this law is specifically designed with the Principles of SOM, especially cause and effect. However, there is a particular part of Karma or the Law of Karma that most people believe that does not align. This, specifically, is where we must take a closer look. Most people who believe in Karma, also, believe we come into this world with some stigma from past lives and that these stigmas must be undone to move on toward something greater. This is the part of karma can undo your spiritual practice of SOM. If you set out, for instance, to treat for wholeness, but you also believe that your physical problems “might be” a result of having “chopped off someone’s arm” in another life, your mind is set to duality. You simply will not express healing in this area, unless you let go of the idea that you are being hindered by the karma of another life.

Fatalism is the idea that man is powerless to do anything other than what we actually do, including the idea that man has no power to influence the future or his own actions. This is very similar to Predeterminism. We can easily see that if we believe that we have no power over our own future, this will ultimately affect the principles of SOM. In fact, our entire belief depends upon the exact opposite of predetermination.

Theology and Hell: Holmes placed these two words together, purposely, because most religious theology believes in a Santa Claus-like god that rewards the deeds of the good and denies the needs of the bad; eventually leading the bad to hell or eternal damnation. If you believe in this kind of theology, how could this harm you in your spiritual movement toward enlightenment? First of all, this kind of belief breeds judgments of all kinds. When your focus is judging other’s behaviors as good or bad, you are likely to be harsh on your own self. Rather, if you simply believe that love and compassion are your measuring stick for life and for your future, then you can put away all of the other judgment of others and focus in on the only thing that you can control—your own belief. We must believe in the highest Law possible—that we are creators on this earth, made in the image of God. If we believe that, then we do release ourselves from being controlled by a lesser law.

Horoscope: This is the one word that stuck out like a sore thumb. I know that many SOM teachers, whom I know, believe in astrology. So, I investigated this one properly. First of all, a horoscope is an “astrological chart” that would conclude what your future holds. Not all people who believe in the basic tenets of astrology would go so far as to get an astrological chart and follow it to guide her toward future actions. For me, I simply say, “Virgo,” when people ask me what is my sign. But, from there, I don’t give it much credence, though I believe there is great significance in all of the universe and its tendency to be aligned with our lives. So, believing in the simple tenet that all things align in the universe, including the stars, is not contradicting any SOM principle. But, should you choose to believe in your horoscope OVER the idea that you have power in your thought and words in Divine Mind, then you have a contradiction that you must deal with to move forward in your SOM practice.

If you are learning the Principles of Creating with the Science of Your Mind, mapping out the important principles of SOM, and studying daily, you may want to put aside other such beliefs that seem to contradict what you are learning, for a time, at least. A master or doctor in this science would have no problem separating the two. But, someone who is initially studying these concepts would end up in dualistic ideas causing one to stumble, perhaps, in his or her initial attempts at using the Science of Mind tools to create a more prosperous and loving life.


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