#DuckDynasty Weighing in as a Pentecostal Minister Who Has Come Out of the Closet!

I’m fifty-three and for many years ministered in a Pentecostal church preaching against homosexuality, even passing out tracts on the street corners in NYC telling gays they would go to hell. What’s important to know was that, even though I preached against gays, I was still homosexual the entire time, as are many preachers and politicians fighting a loud battle against gay marriage and other bible rules and policies. I truly believed, then, that I would go to hell if I stepped over the sexual boundaries of my religious belief. I also believed that it was my duty to save those bound for hell doing the same sexual perversion as I was tempted to do. For this reason and this reason alone, I spoke out against gays and held my head up high, as I pushed down the supposed sin inside for a righteous life.

As I am a life coach today, I hear stories of men and women suffering severe depression, alcoholism, suicidal ideations, and drug addiction because of suppressed gay tendencies. Their recovery, generally, has to do with admission of the feelings they have kept deep inside, so that they can quit hiding and be loved for the authentic person they are. Coming out of the closet actually restores health to those wounded by religious law and rules.

I had a married client with one small child. My client suffered with alcoholism and drug addiction, trying to suppress his gay feelings. By the time he reached me, he had already left his home and moved into an apartment. He hadn’t even tried being with a man. He simply knew he couldn’t play the part of the loving husband when he and his wife hadn’t had sex but ten times in their entire fourteen years of marriage. What opened my eyes the most about this situation was his mother’s attitude. She would have rather seen my client miserable, addicted, and suicidal than leave his home and child. I have trouble believing she actually thought this through completely. Isn’t the idea of a parent to accept a child and love him/her for the authenticity and talents he/she brings to the world? Yet, this mother paled in her responsibility. What if one of the brothers in Duck Dynasty came out and married a black man? Would this same parent be as outspoken as he is now? I rather doubt it.

I noticed, though, that the evening that all of this news came out about Duck Dynasty, was the same day as New Mexico ruling in favor of gay marriage. Did the world news speak about New Mexico? No. They focused in on Duck Dynasty. I wonder if this was a ploy to move the attention to struggle instead of victory for the gays.

A few years ago, I also had a client who was a Pentecostal minister, Republican, and a Bush supporter who decided to come out. He didn’t change any of his political beliefs or religious beliefs. He simply admitted to himself he was gay and could never even want or desire a woman. He never had been married or even dated a woman. This man was in his late twenties. Again, his mother, also a Pentecostal woman, railed at him with words I can’t even write on my blog. I saw some of the text messages from her. She wished him dead, instead of being a sinning Sodomite. She felt he would be safer dead and in God’s hands than being a sinner.

So, you see, that belief about a certain religious idea runs deep in the veins of the person speaking, so much so that it outweighs reason and, obviously, current psychological data.

In the code of ethics for therapists, it is written that a therapist can’t push his/her religious beliefs into a session with a client. They can’t tell a client that being gay is against God’s law or try to turn that person into being straight. It is actually stated and written in the Code of Ethics. So, why are therapists still around getting away with this kind of behavior in the name of religion? Because the religious beliefs of a person can cause a client to seek out reformation from being gay.

I have had many clients, and even I sought out help to be “UNGAY.” Trust me, you can marry, have kids, force yourself into a “straight” paradigm, but you will never feel ungay. This is an impossibility. Talk to the hundreds of thousands who have gone through the therapy, only to continue to see men on the down low and men who have tried but never succeeded.

So, should we not allow this man his right to speak about his feelings? I’m not sure. I feel the more he rails against gays, the more people who are in the middle about supporting or denying gay rights, might realize that they have been fighting on the wrong side of the political battle. Extremism isn’t pretty. It is bigoted and biased. So, the more rational people who can see this and part from old beliefs, maybe, the better. I’m not convinced that no matter how popular this may on Duck Dynasty is that he will attract many followers by his demeaning and negative beliefs. Let’s have a little faith in human nature!


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