Dulling Your Sensitivity to the Very Thing We Must Recognize!

I have a friend who looks over his shoulder about every two minutes. This nervous tick has gotten worse as he has gotten older. But, if you know this wonderful man, you would realize soon enough that you should look past this quirky behavior, because it has nothing to do with the man. Looking past and getting used to are a good combination for numbing your senses to something that may normally bother you.

I watch World News every night with #DavidMuir. News often fills our minds with a constant barrage of negativity. Instead of stopping at watching just the news—which I actually feel is important to stay current—we spend the rest of the evening watching movies and television programming that also ignites every fear in our being about guns, violence, and the threat of everything we own being taken from us.

In fact, our senses are so dulled to violence fact that when we are in danger we don’t know how to react. We are taught to watch these disturbing events from afar, even enjoy them, but never are we shown how to handle any of the violence that lands on our own doorstep.

Four years ago I was sitting in my living room with my mother of 84 watching television. A large gust of wind blew directly toward the house and blew off the roof of my garage and some of the roof of my home. In a moment the power cut off.

Left in the dark, I heard my mother murmur something I didn’t expect, “There are some candles in the drawer under the television. There’s a flashlight in the pantry with new batteries. You better get your cell phone and call the electric company now!”

Usually, I’m Johnny-on-the-spot, but my mother who had lived through the depression and many crazy lifetime tragedies and wars was prepared—way more prepared than I. I learned a big lesson that night:

Don’t just sit on your ass and watch tragedy; prepare for it!

I’m not a proponent of engaging in magnifying negativity by dreaming about and becoming anxious about it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t put up firewalls on my computer and guard my online accounts with secret passwords to keep hackers from taking my possessions. In other words, we must reach a great balance between understanding the worldly chaos we live in, preparing for the worst, but also live in a state of objectivity with our spiritual self, almost separate from our physical self.

I’ve lived through 3 tornadoes, a hurricane, a shoot out, gun fight in lower Manhattan, a personal mugging with a machete at my throat, 2 robberies of my apartment, a flood, 2 major divorces, and I’m sure I’m missing a lot of other tangible and important facts. Those are just the majors that came up as an adult. My childhood was rife with even more.

The one thing I learned out of all of it is that I cannot stop tragedy from happening. But I can limit the amount of tragic input I subject myself to every day on the television and by reading too much news or watching to many CNN programs. I must know what’s happening without immersing myself in it. I don’t need to add to my anxious subconscious by watching more shows about violence and horrific behavior, even though they may seem to my human self a distraction and even a pleasure.

I must separate myself from the trauma so that I can spend time preparing my body and spirit for times when I need to be protected and when I need to protect myself and those I love.

I suggest this:

As we get 100% energy every day from God, we must make sure that we realize that this energy is invested in things that you care about and value. This is what a typical day may look like for me as I disperse this energy:

  • 30% goes to making a living
  • 20% of my time goes to staying healthy
  • 10% of my life goes to Spiritual understanding, reading or meditating
  • 20% goes to enjoying life with my friends and family; and
  • 20% goes completely to my husband.

As in everything in life, you must invest in what will give you a great return. What you don’t see on my list is spending time bitching at what I cannot solve. Spending time in unforgiveness and hate. Going to bars to drink my sorrows away. Chasing after fantasies. Watching hours of television to whittle away the time I could be using to create, manifest, and give the world my light!

We have a duty to ourselves and to the world to balance our energy and come up with a schedule in our lives that that will prosper us, our families, and keep ourselves healthy—body, mind, and spirit. Make your investment of time a priority this week!


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