Edgar Finkelstein & Making Space for Dreams

If God gave you a dream, would you have the moxie to move forward with it, even if you didn’t understand what to do, how to accomplish it, or even have the wherewithal to begin? This is when spiritual inspiration becomes miraculous. All greatness needs is one person with a God-inspired dream to change the world.

Look at Martin Luther King. He had a dream for integration. His dream lives on because he walked forward, even when fear and forces beyond his control tried to stop him—did stop him personally. His dream, however, was God’s dream. Even his death inspired millions to keep the spiritual force of his dream moving forward all the way until today.

Often dreams start in the mind as spiritual inspiration. From there, with prayer and deliberation, these dreams start to take shape.

My latest literary idea started off as a spiritual dream to write a blog that would help people with life’s spiritual issues. Almost every time I go into meditation now, I get an idea about it. Soon after my meditation, I go to my computer and write down what I heard. I have been working for the last month on finishing all the material I need to follow up on this dream, so I can begin the process of making the vision reality. I expect it may take another four months total to finish now, because every day it seems to grow in my mind. I have a builder. I have the money. I have the inspiration. All I have to do is keep stepping forward every day into the dream to make it take shape.

I simply do what I know—write, record, market, coach, use hypnosis, and design. Almost every gift I have ever been given in life has been utilized to finish my new project. I find myself more excited about it than I have ever been. The inception of the idea, as I said, began as this blog. Now it is an 800-page book called “Finding Authentic You, 7 Steps to Effective Change” with a “Year to CLEAR” Challenge, which took me two years to write.

Every day has been an inspiration directly from God since I have heard that I was to begin this new project. The purpose and the goal of the book became completely spiritual. Most days I have had no idea what I would write when I sat down. I simply sat with space in my mind and in my life to fulfill the goal. Spirit did the rest. I had no idea what I had been composing was a book and now a new interactive website.

I try not to imagine the end results. The result is something that is up to God. I don’t want my ego to take control, as it has in other artistic endeavors. When my ego gets involved, it seems that most of my tribulation and exhausting tension comes from the end result not matching what I believed will or should happen. So, I know from past experience, much of the results of my other projects must have been ego dreams.

Ego dreams and spiritual dreams are different. If you have been inspired by spirit, you may not be in control of the end result at all. In fact, God may have a completely different idea in mind. Think of the great spiritual leaders who were led by God. Moses stuttered, but was asked to represent the nation of Israel. King Solomon was led to bring peace to the kingdom of Judea, as he kept walking forward with God’s purpose for his kingdom, writing psalms, songs, and proverbs. He had no idea that thousands of years later he would inspire billions.

With a spiritual dream, the intent is more about walking on the path while you create the goal. This is the divinity within you manifesting miraculously in the perfect present. Bless each day of hard work, because the end result is not entirely up to you. You can fuss and fret about what “should” happen at the end, but only God can define that.

Just like little Edgar Finkelstein. Edgar actually is a Mini Lop Rabbit in San Francisco that is looking to be adopted. He’s very cute—adorable, really. Someone apparently had a dream for little Edgar to have a beautiful home with a loving parent. This little bunny inspired someone to create a weird name, on-line chatter, and an amazing marketing scheme to help that perfect person find his little pet.

My dog wants to run after every rabbit and play “eat the bunny.” Fortunately, the rabbits are much faster and more attentive than Coco. Otherwise, I would be having rabbit stew a lot. I’m out of the running to be the adoptive parent of Edgar because of Coco. But that doesn’t keep me from wondering who will be the proud parent. Edgar now has endless possibility because of one person’s dream for him to have a home.

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