Edit Your Basics: “I Don’t Meet Your Height Requirements” #relationshipadvice

I have finally acquiesced to joining Match.com to set me up with some people who have—like me—decided that they needed some professional help to find a person that is right for him. Also, it may help me to get my lazy butt off of the couch in the evening, instead of just watching television. One can hope!

Last evening, I saw a man’s profile that was so sweet and romantic. He was equally handsome. I saw that he had read my note to him, so I got excited. However, I didn’t hear from him until many hours later. His note said, “I’m sorry that I don’t meet your height requirements. I’m only 5’6”. But thank you for liking my bio.

I had no idea that I had put 5’6” as my height requirement for a man, but I have no care in the world about how short or tall a person is, if he is the right person. So, I had to go back to the basics and do some editing. Of course, in Bo Sebastian fashion, I have realized that maybe this editing tool is more of a metaphor for my entire life. What in my life—what in your life—have you thought that you are hardwired for, but really, now, it makes little to no difference at all to you?

As I have moved through life with friends, family, and dating, I have realized that I’m willing to accept a lot less than what I thought I needed at twenty. This, of course, is not a bad way. I’m not settling. I just am looking more for compassionate and loving, than I am for that perfect body and smile. In work, I realized that work I MUST be inspired everyday; otherwise, I’m simply not interested in taking part.

In my daily spiritual practice, I’ve discovered that teaching yoga and actually having my own practice is a completely different ballgame. The practice is the key! Teaching can go on hold for now. I need to have something that is mine and that gives me the strength, endurance, and mental aptitude that yoga affords me, everyday.

I have always thought that I needed a certain amount of money to live. Right now, I’m living on 1/3 of what I needed only one month ago. I’m not saying that some of our basic desires have to be fulfilled to be happy. I’m recognizing that I need to go back to the editing phase and change a few things in my subconscious, so that the universe can answer my prayers without a default mechanism weeding out “dudes under 5’7”.” Get my drift?

Most things in life can change in a heartbeat. Sure, height is not one of those. But, if one of my novels or treatments got chosen to be a feature movie, my entire financial world would change in an instant. If I got a huge publishing deal from one of my books, my finances could change immediately. So, if someone rich were looking at my profile and thinking—loser!—because I’m not a millionaire, they would certainly be missing out.

You could have a job that you love one day. The next day your company could be bought out and your job dissolved with the transition. Can we be ready for inevitable change in life all the time? This is called trusting in the art of uncertainty!

Coming Up: I’ll be talking about the art of Uncertainty in the next few days. Tune in and find out more about this topic!



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