Emancipate Your Mind

Are you a slave to your mind? Do you hear a voice inside saying: “You’re not good enough! You’re not pretty enough! You’ll never be successful! You are innately a bad person!”

If you do, it’s time to emancipate your mind!

I woke up today feeling as if I had overcome the world. Why? Because I am not a slave to the antagonistic thoughts of my mind. Hallelujah!~

You’ve heard me speak of Attachment Disorder before. I described attachment as the image of a computer. In the computer is a hard drive, empty of information, until you or someone else inputs information and formats the drive.

The computer is your body. The hard drive is your mind. And the information that is on the hard drive, primarily, has input on it from the beginning of your human life until now. As you didn’t have the knowledge or the design to create input from birth to four or five years old, then most of the format and original input was placed there by parents, teachers, guardians and ministers.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust a thing that was originally on that hard drive. I’m attached to it by virtue of neural pathways that get triggered by life circumstances, but I am NOT prone to act on these temptations much any more, making me feel emancipated from slavery.

Ten years ago, a computer tech convinced me to change from an Apple computer to a PC. He told me he would help me with the changeover and lead me through all the problems I might face. At that time, Apple wasn’t as ahead of the pack as today, so I told him I’d try.

He took me to Office Depot, and we bought my first PC. He gave me some free software. Eventually, I was on my way to recreating my computer life. One day, though, I was on the Internet talking on AOL Messenger. As I was closing the window, a pop-up appeared and, without thinking, I pressed the return key. The window said something about making AOL my home page.

From that point on, AOL took over my hard drive. I couldn’t get rid of it. I took it to my tech friend. He wrestled with it for a day only to tell me, “I’m going to give your hard drive a washing.” In other words, he had to clear it of everything, including the data. When he returned my computer, I had to start at the beginning with all new software and date.

I have learned that the behavior of my mind is basically rehearsed by prior activity and the past—let’s call it AOL. What I desire in my life is for the hard drive to be completely washed clean, just like the PC.

When you realize that each neural pathway has an inception point, triggered by an act or an emotion. A behavior follows the trigger.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get the computer washed clean. But you can, change how you react to the neural pathway triggers. This can be done in the inductive mind with meditation or hypnotherapy.

By doing so, you convince the deductive mind it has less power. Eventually, it will start to leave you alone, just like a bully would when you stand up to him.

* * *

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