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In science, when something new comes from something that has already been discovered, it is known as resultant evolution. For instance, when two chemicals are combined to produce something new, this would be a resultant evolution based on two other chemicals coming together to form something new.

However, when something new is found that has new intelligence and cannot be based on any lower forms or chemistry, it is known as emergent evolution. Since emergent evolution seems to be an idea that would favor human beings not evolving from apes, emergent has been denied precedence in the scientific world. In many cases in life, though, we see something new coming from an idea, rather than an older form of it. But, you would have to believe that some kind of creation exists to favor the term emergent, even if you simply believe in Creative Thought.

Ernest Holmes says, “When Intelligence makes a demand upon Itself, It answer Its own demand out of Its own nature and cannot help doing so! … Whenever the Universe makes a demand upon Itself, out of that very demand is created its fulfillment.”

This is hard stuff to digest, but very interesting, nonetheless. Emergent Evolution has much to do with the human mind and how we create. For instance: were airplanes held in the mind of God, like a warehouse, with many different evolving flying machines in it, ready to be given to the earth when man thought of it? Or, did man conceive of airplanes from a Creative Mind and then allow this new form of machine to be a product of Mind or New Thought?

If you have spent any time around inventors and great thinkers, it is as if these idea-makers clear away all former matter in their minds, then go into a trance and allow for new ideas to emerge. They dream and imagine, and from this space, produce objects that the culture and society have never seen before.

Oftentimes, though, we see something that we, too, have conceived in a dream and think, wow, I actually remember imagining something just like this new invention. What if I had listened to my imagination and created this myself? I would now be rich and famous!

But, only those people who have faith in what is not seen can conceive and then give birth to an idea from Creative Mind. This is much the same as the process of creative thought and prayer in any individual. We all have this creative power in Mind.

If you can think it, it is in your mind already. If it is in your mind, then it is already a reality.

However, it takes a belief in the human process to actualize anything that is in Mind. Hence, we have from Creative Thought brought forth Emergent Products to be enjoyed by all.

Yes, the computers and handheld mechanisms we use today we could argue are resultant from the first computer. However, who can argue that somewhere, somehow, in the mind of someone, that an initial, intriguing idea of a computer existed? From that idea emerged everything we know now about computer technology. That first idea about a computer is Emergent Evolution!


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