Empty Space Has the Greatest Potential

When I first moved into my house, I had a large plot of ground between two carports. The land had more weeds than grass. The carport that was separated from the house looked like a big yellow eyesore. I lived in the house three years before it occurred to me to dig up that useless plot of land, make a garden, and tear down the unwanted carport that was shading my possibility.

Three years later, this blank page now has a water feature, a pond, Koi Fish, five different types of roses, a wooden bridge, a metal archway, garden art, and probably forty other varieties of flowers and bushes. When you drive up to my house, instead of a blank, empty plot of land; now exists a beautiful garden, alive and growing.

I share my story about the garden, because it didn’t happen overnight. The plan started with an empty plot and a vision (Point 1). One day, I drove up and thought, this would be a perfect place for a garden. I didn’t think about the water feature or what kind of flowers I would plant, or the fact that I didn’t know much about gardening. I didn’t imagine much, only that a garden should exist.

So, the winter before I planned to plant, I put newspaper over the grass and waited for spring to come (Point 2).

My nephew was town that next spring, and we bartered for voice lessons for him to begin to take out the dead grass and hoe the hard, deeply rooted ground. Suddenly, before me was a field of rich soil with only two old rose bushes in it.

I have a neighbor who has gardens everywhere you look. Her backyard looks like a little piece of heaven. I imaged what I wanted was something similar to hers. So, I asked for advice from her (Point 3).

Suddenly, every morning, she would leave plant starters on my doorstep. Without much thought, I would just put them in the ground. Other neighbors saw the blank ground and offered plants as well. “I have 20 of this variety that I’m sick of. If you dig them up, you can have them.” Be open to receiving from God’s hand. God’s hands can be any one of his wonderful angel humans (Point 4).

One day, as I was cutting the grass, I noticed that I had been cutting over an old bed of iris and peonies. I must have found 100 small seedlings that morning. Be open for surprises (Point 5). I planted every one of them. What I didn’t know was that these small irises and peonies would take about three years to bloom. Since I didn’t think about what would bloom, it didn’t matter.

When I moved to my current house, I had taken with me a few herbs from my old home and a hydrangea bush. The bush had about four starter plants coming from the bottom, so I planted those and took cuttings of the herbs, as well, to fill the space. Plants propagate like dreams (Point 6).

Suddenly, every thing in my yard looked different. I took the time to actually notice that places in the yard looked like they had once been gardens. I began to ask my neighbor if certain small plants were flowers. I found another four rose bushes, different varieties of ornamental grass, a beautiful purple clematis, a butterfly bush, and three Rose of Sharon trees. I took all of them from the shaded backyard and transplanted them into my new garden.

After all this, I invested in some flowers that I thought would be hearty and that I wouldn’t have to replant every year (perennials). Investing in the long term of your dream is important (Point 6).

Soon after, I had a client who wanted to trade hypnosis sessions to put in a Koi pond and a water feature. I took him up on the offer. And that’s how my flower garden dream came into fruition.

Don’t waste the empty space in your mind, in your home, and in your yard. Let this space be a canvas for your mind to express your deepest dreams. If you think about the entire project before you begin, you’ll probably never start. Just dream and begin, one step at a time. Now, I have five garden with over 400 varieties of flowers.

* * *
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