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An astrophysicist at CalTech, Ranga-Ram Chary, using a telescope that maps cosmic microwave background, found a “mysterious glow” while measuring time just before the Big Bang, 13 billion years ago. Chary says that this glow may be due to a neighboring universe “leaking” into ours, according to New Scientist Magazine. “Our universe may simply be a region within an eternally inflating super-region,” Chary concludes.

Wow. I have no idea what this means exactly or how Chary came to this conclusion from a simple mysterious glow, but I have to say I was intrigued enough to read further and think, isn’t it interesting how physicists are coming to the conclusion that spiritual people have contemplated for many years?

What does a parallel universe actually mean? A few years back, Fringe, presented their version of this subject on network television. I was consistently intrigued by the series and kept going back to see more of what someone’s imagination about this idea of parallel universes could produce.

There were people in two worlds with a wormhole between linking them. In two worlds, each group of people looked exactly alike, but had different life outcomes, as a result of one specific change or one person’s wrong move. This intriguing premise ended up collapsing after the second year of the series, because the only action left for the worlds to do were to implode upon each other.

When humans go beyond their role of creator in our microcosm (our universe), and try to take on the role of Supreme God in the macrocosm, we learn that humans can’t see the entire picture. Humans are not big enough, smart enough, or have an omniscient point view enough to mess with cosmic outcome.

I wonder what science will want to do with Chary’s discovery. Will we begin to forge into space unknown to find power we did not know we had, similar to the world of Biotechnology and synthetic organisms? I know that many good outcomes have expressed through these studies. I am even more certain that I would be afraid if I knew ALL of what people discovered in the process of creating human parts from cells of others.

Does this news fascinate you? Does it make you wonder how big the universe is and how far we can travel into it? Or do you get frightened by the idea that this metaphoric fence is slowly coming down around our secure home? And beyond which is just a bit too frightening and unknown to speculate?


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