Evolving Past Our Animal Nature to the Spiritual! Fantasy & the Beast:

A defiant fantasy becomes an irrational desire. A sexual temptation pushes us to forgo our current lives and relationships to fulfill what only our minds have conceived. It’s an age-old story, a tale as old as time, but has far more spiritual implications in today’s tempting world than it had ever had in times past.

The need for our Spiritual and Deductive Mind to reign over our lustful and divisive fantasies are exemplified in an online book called Unifying Truth Project. It states:

Do not feed the beast (the fantasy in the mind) with greed and expensive things, with drugs, with unhealthy foods, with sex, etc. To evolve past your animal nature, you cannot just give in to what the beast wants to do. You must do what the beast does not want to do and seek truth instead of chase pleasure…

To illustrate what the author implies, I’ll start with one of our main instincts: FOOD!…

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Continued from above:

In the last 100 years of human existence we do not have to spend most of our day foraging for food to feed our families. We simply go to the grocery store and pick out what we need. This simple action, however, now causes us to take more control of our animal instinct. Will we pick all food that is not so good for us, but simply tastes delicious?

Who doesn’t think about eating an entire 1/2-gallon of their favorite ice cream instead of eating vegetables and protein? We’ve all been there. Generally, we realize far too quickly how harmful this could be to our bodies. When we do not think (deduct) and give way to the animal or beast mind, we will ultimately become morbidly obese. The entire world will then see how fast fantasies has gone awry and turned into a morbid reality.

Can you see what this kind of thinking might do if the animal mind were lusting after someone else’s belongings, desiring some kind of sexual fantasy other than what his or her partner provides, or in the larger arena, taking over the government and the world?

We know because we are co-creators that everything in our minds expresses in our lives. This is Spiritual Law. So, eventually we would let our own animal mind become powerful enough to overtake our lives and even relinquish the spiritual person we once were.

However, the Unifying Peace Project goes on to say:

You need the Mind of man to get past the animal mind. That is why we evolved from lower animals to humans. We could not get to heaven from where they are. You have to know the intellectual mind’s truth, the thought or word truth, before you can separate from the mind completely.

Thus, you have to be where we are now. You have to know that you have a mind and its nature; you have to know that you are really a spiritual being and the nature of spiritual things. You have to know that you are going to die and be reborn. You have to know about the opposites and the balancing force. You have to know “the truth” of this world to get to the next one.

Since animals other than man cannot know it, they have no chance to get free from the mind and get to the next spiritual level… We can give birth to ourselves, as the Bible says.

Jesus said, “If Satan is divided against himself, then how will his kingdom stand? And if Satan has risen up against himself, he cannot stand but will come to an end.”

In the verse from above, the metaphysical meaning from TruthUnity.com:

Satan is the “Devil,” a state of mind formed by man’s personal ideas of his power and completeness and sufficiency apart from God. Besides at times puffing up the personality, this satanic thought often turns about and, after having tempted one to do evil, discourages the soul by accusing it of sin. Summed up, it is the state of mind in man that believes in its own sufficiency independent of its creative Source.

When I first read this article, I got a little caught up in the biblical language and the references to Satan and heaven and hell. I realized quickly that I simply could use my Metaphysical Bible to create my own, New Thought version of this article (or any article) to give it the spin it would need for me to understand it in my current “New thought” paradigm.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach, I have had many clients—great people who have much to offer the world—come to me with a pressing need to overcome a detrimental habit. Some of the more harmful ones were causing problems in personal and work relationships and pushing at serious health issues:

  • Cigarette smoking,
  • Overeating,
  • Drug and alcohol abuse,
  • Porn instead of sex with a partner, and
  • Sex outside of marriage in a monogamous relationship.

I always explain to each of my clients that all of these habits start small. They have an “inception thought.” To get to the crux of the pressing issue, we need to find that mental issue. In turn, we can begin to understand how the small thought became a beast that seeks to ruin his or her life.

The nature of the animal or beast mind is, in turn, the story of the Anti-Christ, which ultimately destroys the spiritual world within to gain control of the body.

We cannot seek to become stronger spiritual beings without recognizing this concept. Every thought must be analyzed and considered. If our thoughts are not lining up with our Truth Paradigm, we need to teach the Mind to overcome the small, animal mind. The alternative is a disastrous defeat by the egotistical beast.

Perhaps, this is the lesson of today. We look at the large egos ruling the hypnotized minds of the masses. We know with certainty that if the small minds could rule themselves, they would ultimately not need these demagogues to idolize and reign over them.

The spiritually enlightened have the most important job within our own selves. If we cannot control our animal or beast minds, how do we expect to unveil the Powerful Light from within to expel such negativity in the world?


You don’t get to this voice if reason or recognize it unless you spend time with yourself in silence, asking yourself important self-talk questions. This is like dating. You must get to know the voice of the Spirit by spending time in meditation and silence. This is the only I know to clearly download the power of wisdom and recognize the voice—IN TIMES OF TRAUMA—that is always directing YOU into safety!


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