Extreme Quiet

If you have been around noise all day—people complaining, crowds in stores or bars, or the ratcheting noise of a factory, you may need some extreme quiet. Sometimes it feels impossible to find that one place where everything and everybody disappears so that your body and mind can get that much needed rest and peace. This is where meditation helps.

The cognitive, deductive mind is working the moment you wake up and realizes that you are in your bed, in your home, and have to get out of the bed to proceed with your day. The whir of the proposed day goes through your head: I’ve got to rush through my shower to make it to work on time; I’ll pick up coffee at Starbucks to give me a rush of energy; I’ve got to get the kids to their game, the pool, school; I have so many home projects that need completing…

We tend to move into the deductive mind without even thinking about spirituality and the possibility of adding a spiritual connection to this myriad of things to accomplish. But when you stop and take a few moments for meditation or prayer, or read some kind of inspiring message, pray for the day to be led by angels, ask that you be a conduit for good, ask for grace in your dealing with all of the people you may touch, but most importantly—pray that you may be a vehicle for Spirit’s good throughout the day.

Just taking the time to consider opening your spirit self will allow the frantic energy of the day to subside exponentially. When I miss my spiritual time, it feels as if every part of the day is a struggle. When I take the time to meditate—even if it is just 2 minutes—my entire day changes course. It’s as if God and angels move before me and help me get through some of the most difficult times. I find myself in many more synchronistic moments where spirit leads me to people and things that are purposeful and help me grow as an individual.

I find that I am more compassionate as well. Just one moment makes all of this connectedness and beauty happen. Can you imagine if you took more than a few minutes and actually dedicated 30-60 minutes a day to quiet and meditation what would happen to your day and to your body and mind?

Another action you can do is to dedicate some of your day to creating art, practicing an instrument, walking in a garden or around a lake or wooded area. All of these things, quiet the mind and body and allow for us to connect with our soul, which is the place where our spirit and God’s spirit are operating in tandem.


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