F-E-A-R: F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal

It’s easy to get fearful in a world where dictators are rising up and using chemical warfare on innocent children and people. I watch the news with trepidation these days, wondering if anything I see on television is actually benefiting my spirit, or if the news is actually fortifying old belief in evil.

Evil is just the opposite of life with spirit. Evil is LIVE spelled backwards.

As far as evil goes in the presence of the Syrian or any other military crisis, I see this as one man’s ego getting so strong that it influences the world in terribly negative ways, as the Nazi regime was influenced by the radical narcissism of Hitler. If any of us were to let our egos live without restraint, we, too, would be just as destructive as Bashar al-Assad. We would be wrought with habits and self-centered behavior, considering no one but ourselves, and thinking only of riches and power.

But do I think Bashar al-Assad, a creation of God, is evil? I think that by definition Assad’s ego or his transient self—alive and well in that body and brain—has decided that his human body is more a vehicle for terrible destruction, instead of compassion. If Assad changed his thoughts and beliefs tomorrow, as Saul (Paul) in the bible did and began to preach for good, would we still consider Assad evil? His actions now are evil, influenced by the powerful of a terribly negative ego. And this behavior deserves punishment.

But is his spirit evil as well, if it could be changed like the Apostle Paul and, more specifically, if he is, indeed, made by Creator God?

I guess the real question is: Do I believe in evil? The truth is, I don’t believe in any power but God. I think this is a spiritually dynamic question most of us wrestle with. If God is supposed to be all loving and good, why does evil exist?

Even in the bible in the book of Jonah, we see that Satan has to go to God to ask permission to tempt Jonah. So, if God is in control—even of the temptation and devastation that had befallen Jonah, are we not to assume that our experiences, trials, and negativity are also allowed by God?

Or did God create a world where both positive and negative, light and dark exist, so that we can distinguish the difference between the two? I’m more apt to believe this concept of the spiritual paradigm, than the prior.

I don’t believe that God is a person in the sky, so limiting to God to anthropomorphic attributes is a way we can only get completely confused about the All-Powerful Creator. Can God be mad or happy with us? This, too, would be attributing God with human emotions. I’d be much better off believing God has NO human or ego attributes.

I tend to go with “God is spiritual power and force”—period. Humans and any other spirit beings are expressions of this force in different forms. Personally, I believe humans are a hybrid of God, learning to become leaders and rulers of other worlds, as we are completely engulfed and entrenched in decision-making about whether life’s dealins are beneficial or not worthy of our time and energy. If that which is our antagonist in this life didn’t exist—sickness, poverty, and anxiety—could we recognize good?

Maybe in another heavenly realm, there is no negativity, as heaven is described where “the lion lays down with the lamb” in the Christian bible. If this were true, then why are we learning to choose between right and wrong here on earth, if we are to spend eternity without evil and dualism? What kind of sense would that make, unless God is sifting and sorting out the best spirits for this heavenly place? Even Christians believe that all humans sin or miss the mark; therefore, wouldn’t this make our heavenly place wrought with people making mistakes, instead a place of perfection?

These are all good questions. I’m not going to say that I have decided completely on my personal believe. I think I am also an ever changing, constantly developing person that is open to learning new thoughts and ideas every day.

I would, however, hope that as you read this, you simply listen, take note of what resonates with you, and throw the rest away. You must make your own decisions about what you believe. No one should spoon feed you a belief and say it is law. If they do so, I believe, that person is operating from an ego motivated by power and control.

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