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Imagine being sentenced to a crime you did not commit. The jail cell doors close. The key turns in the lock. Alone with just a toilet, a chair, an uncomfortable cot, and your mind, you writhe with anger. For three days you eat only bread. You hunger for more substance. You crave the life you once led. But, still, a toilet, a cot, and all the stories of your truth run through your mind like a movie placed on repeat. All you have left to do is wait for the future. The NOW is filled with nothing, no one you care about, stories that only you believe, and the constant threat of harm from your cellmates.

If everyday of the past looked like this moment in the jail cell, we wouldn’t hesitate to face forward and commit to the very present moments of our lives. If every day we stood on the precipice of nothing or a horrible existence, we would only have the future to desire. So, why is it that we hold on to nothing jobs, bad relationships, the sewerage of the past, only to stay trapped in the same cell for a lifetime? Give me a viable answer!

Let go of all that no longer serves you and follow me into the perfect present and an undistinguishable adventure toward an undefined future! This future is written by the greatest master of all—the Creator of the Universe. All you have to do is offer up your body and mind to a greater purpose, a greater good than the one you have been forcing yourself to do every hour of every monotonous day. Just let go! What will you see?

In hypnosis, I offer a meditation that looks like this. You walk down 11 stairs. At the bottom of the steps are countless doors in a dark hallway, leading to a bright light. In your hand is a large basket. You are a child, now. You age doesn’t matter. Just reach as far back as you can remember. As you walk down the hallway, you become older and older, toward the present. When you pass by the doors in the dark hallway, people who have impacted your life for bad and good open the doors and hand you an object that represents the action that impacted your life. You place it in your basket.

By the time you get to the end of the hallway, your basket is too heavy to carry and full of many memories and trinkets that represents various times of your life that have changed and shaped you. When you reach the end of the hallway, an angel stands there and asks you if you would like to step into Nirvana, a heavenly peace that is more awesome than you can imagine. The angel asks only one thing: That you let go of your basket. Can you do it?

Can you risk letting go of all that you think you are to experience something that if far greater than you’ve ever fathomed? Or will you let fear hold you in your past and never taste the joy and bliss of God? It’s your choice. Choose!


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