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I have asked a few very happy people how they stay positive all of the time. The answer from all of them was the same: “Even when I feel as if I cannot muster a smile, I fake it. I pretend I am happy. Interestingly enough, not long after that, I actually feel happy!”

So, remembering this interesting concept, the last few days I have tried my hand in doing just that. Fake it until I make it! Is it difficult? Not really, not when you consider the only other choice we have is to go around sulking all day and, ultimately, we will bring more sadness or negativity into the world. We certainly do not want that.

If we truly believe in the concepts of Spirituality and the Science of Mind, then we believe that all things that manifest in the world are just a reflection of our mind. So, if we believe this important concept, then we must consider making a strong attempt at keeping negativity out of our minds. Is that faking it? Or is this having faith?

I would say faking it (in this instance) is more living our truth, instead of trusting the manifest world to be anything but an indicator of what we need to work on in our own humanity. Sometimes believing in something wholeheartedly results in testing yourself about your own truth in the matter. This happens to all believers, including Jesus, who was tested in the desert. Did He want to take that water? Of course, he wanted to. But did He believe in his heart that his truth was greater than the illusion of that water? I would say, ABSOLUTELY.

Eventually, as more and more minds attune to the Truth of their own divinity as taught in the Science of Mind, the manifest world will become more and more peaceful, reflecting a whole and healed mind! (Remember, we are all one mind.) So, even our struggles are a collective struggle. When we overcome anything in this world, we all overcome negativity together.

The energy of the one goes into Universal Mind and makes its indelible mark there forever.



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