Falling on a Nail #Accidents #predestination

Yesterday, I had a handyman over to the house to fix an area of the outside shed that had rotten wood on the bottom edge. Before he fixed the area, he had to remove a 12-foot, 80 pound, large and heavy piece of wood that had nails 2 inches high sticking out, all over it. As I picked up the other old wood strewn over the yard and threw it in the garbage can 1 foot away, I saw the large piece of wood, the construction person told me was too large for even him to manage himself, laying in the yard by one foot from my fence. The piece of wood had the nails facing down, so I wasn’t certain the nails were even still in it.

I wanted to cut the grass, which meant I would have to move the wood. Well, I hadn’t moved the wood, so I had no idea of its density or danger or weight, so I began to pull it to a safe place. As I did, I slipped on the grass and dropped the wood on the opposite side with the nails facing up. I hit my head on the wood and almost knocked myself out. When I opened my eyes, a 2-inch nail was one inch from my right eye. As I turned over, my arm dislodged a nail from my shoulder, which had penetrated my shoulder into the rotator cuff. At that point, I began to black out. Everything became fuzzy around me, as I groaned and rolled onto my back.

Fortunately, my mother saw what happen and called a neighbor, who is a healthcare professional, as she is 81 and would be no good in the situation. My neighbor brought over things to clear out my wound and told me I would need a stitch or two, and that the depth of the wound would be dangerous and I would need a tetanus shot. So, we headed to a doctor or an ER, whichever was open on a Saturday evening at 5. In times like these one has trouble remembering anything. The brain had been deprived of oxygen and you feel woozy and in pain. Turns out, no independent healthcare facilities were open except CVS walk-in clinic and they won’t tend to a wound. (Don’t worry, I had just had a tetanus shot about 2 months ago, which I only remember as my dear neighbor helped me walk through the last time I got hurt and needed one.)

I say all this not for pity or compassion, but because my intention for that evening became completely eschewed. I was going to cut the grass and go to a birthday party at 6:30-7:00. Unfortunately, when I got home from my doctor excursion, all I could do was groan in pain with ice on my wound, I couldn’t move my arm up or down without severe pain. I’m going to get a colonoscopy on Monday, so I wasn’t allowed to have any anti-inflammatory. No birthday party, no anything until I felt better. So, what of my evening plans being changed?

As I replay the evening, I was dismayed that I didn’t get to see some old friends at a party. But, I wonder why it was so imperative that I didn’t cut the grass, and more importantly, why I WASN’T supposed to go to the birthday party… Who was there that I wasn’t supposed to see? Was a car going to crash into mine on the way to or from the party? Why was it so imperative my plans were blocked, so much so that I had to get hurt? And ultimately, was I simply not listening to Spirit by going to the party, in the first place. Should I have asked my heart if this was a good place to go? Many questions race through a mind as I tried to make sense of the evening.

In my book Finding Authentic You, in Discovery 5, I talk about the different views of spirituality: . What is God or the angels truly responsible in our lives or in the world? Are the small, individual events in our lives predestined or are do we have free will, and this was simply an accident? My personal view is that angels and spirit only intercedes when you are about to get hurt, are moving in the wrong direction, or need intercession of some sort to keep you on a path toward your purpose. So, with that belief, I had to assume that the evening was changed for a reason. This, also, takes away the sting of the wound, whenever I consider that something worse probably would have happened, had I actually done what I wanted to do. Below is a portion of Discovery 5 with the different worldviews of Spirit’s purview:
➢ Molinism argues that God can know in advance what we will do, even though free will in the fullest sense of the phrase does exist, because God somehow knows how agents would freely act in any given circumstance.
➢ Omnipotence seems to include the power to set a limit on what can be known. Moreover, God chooses to know and predetermine some things, but not others. This allows for humankind’s free moral choices.
➢ Omniscience must include the choices humans will make or else God could not know anything after the very first human choice was ever made.
➢ Presentism means that God knows everything that has ever happened, is happening and will happen.
➢ “God is outside time” is a proposition that was first brought into existence by Thomas Aquinas and C.S. Lewis. This suggests that God’s perception of time is different, and that this is relevant to our understanding of our own free will.

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